Fall Color Trends With Tracey Cunningham

Fall Color Trends With Tracey Cunningham

“People really don’t change their hair color every season. I notice that when people want drastic changes, it tends to be emotional. As far as trends, I’m really excited about really dark metallics. Before it was about fluorescents and now the brands are making dark tones, like dark and rich fall colors in suedes and metallics.

Ombre’s going to be “in” forever. It’s a natural progression of your hair. If you look at a kid’s hair color, that is how it naturally grows out. It connects you to your roots. You still have the depth with the lightness around your face. Chrissy Teigen is a great example, but this season we took her a little lighter. Her mom showed me a photo of Chrissy from when she was younger and she was a blonde! I said, “We have to make you blonder.” It had nothing to do with the season, I was inspired by her kid picture.

Brunette – If you’re going to darken up, also lighten up a little bit. Add some ribbons of light around the crown and  face to make it look like you’re backlit. Just to give it a little reflection, like a halo. We just made Lily Aldridge darker, but we kept it light around the crown.

Blonde – When a blonde comes into me and says, ‘I want to go darker,’ I always start with lowlights, and it’s usually just about all they can take. You can also deepen the blonde for fall by using a golden gloss. Just changing the tone of the hair color. We gave Cameron Diaz a very fine high-lift tint highlight and then used a gloss over it with a darker golden color.

Golden – Lowlights are great with any hair color, and again, lowlights would be great here to deepen up the color without making a huge commitment of going too dark. Adding  big slices of dark throughout the hair really gives it contrast, makes it multidimensional, and it looks beautiful. Jennifer Lopez is an example of this look perfected.

Red – I just made Emma Stone darker. I always did lowlights on her for a really deep red, but then we took her blonde for a movie and when she was finished with that, we did a reddish-blonde color by lowlighting the entire head, then rooted her, then glossed her all over with a red. That was really pretty. This season, we just decided to go for the full [bodied] red because she’s doing a show called Cabaret and that color fits with the time period of the show. In the 1920s, they wouldn’t have had lowlights and multidimensional reds.”

— Celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham; Meche Salon




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