Fall Brows For Every Face Shape

Fall Brows For Every Face Shape

“I think there is going to be much more attention to the brow for fall/winter 2015 as attention to the brows is becoming more fashionable; filling in the brows to define the shape.” explains celebrity makeup artist Robert Sesnek, whose clients include Chrissy Teigen, Lily Adridge, and Kiernan Shipka, all of whom have full, fabulous brows.

But emulating the bushy brows of some of our brow crushes, like Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins, Jessica Alba, and Keira Knightley, can prove quite the feat. “The brow shape should always compliment the shape of the person’s face,” Sesnek urges.

So, we asked Sesnek how to wear – and style – your brows this fall, depending on your face shape.

ROUND (like Lily Collins) – A rounder face should have a higher arch to add length the the face.
SQUARE (like Keira Knightley) – A square face should have a rounder/soft arch to soften the features.
OVAL (like Jessica Alba) – An oval face can carry an eyebrow that is not too defined and not too round but somewhere in between.
HEART (like Cara Delevingne) – A heart shaped face should have a straighter brow to lessen the length of the face (and increase width).

To create the perfect brow, Sesnek recommends the following 5 products as mainstays in your brow arsenal:

1. Brow pencil – Use to fill-in and create tiny hairs.
RS PICK: Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil in blonde is possibly one of the truest and best blondes out there. Also, for $3, you can’t beat the price. I prefer Laura Mercier Eye Brow Pencils ($20) for all other shades.

2. Brow Powder – Much easier for a novice. Start small and build up to desired depth.
RS PICK: Laura Mercier Brow Powder Duo ($24) . You get two shades for the perfect match and they last FOREVER!

3. Spooley and/ or Brow Brush – A MUST for softening pencils and powders.
RS PICK: Anastasia Spooley/Eyebrow Brush ($18) for perfectly blended brows, with a spooled on one side and a brush on the other.

4. Brow scissors – Having full arches is great, but trimming the longer hairs is equally as important.
RS PICK: Tweezerman Brow Scissors ($18). I love that they have a softer tip so you can’t cut the skin.

5. Brow gel. The finishing touch to keep brows in shape and looking perfect. You can do tinted brow gel or clear,
RS PICK: CoverGirl Clear Mascara  ($5) holds brows beautifully and has a soft sheen that doesn’t cake.

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