Fact vs. Fiction: Aging and Makeup

Fact vs. Fiction: Aging and Makeup

Aging and makeup: When it comes to makeup for women of a certain age, we’ve all heard the muted rumblings of what is — and is not — acceptable. Or, powders actually age you. Does a matte foundation intensify fine lines and wrinkles? Shimmer and highlighter makes you look older. Fact or fiction? We turned to celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo, who works with Jenna Dewan, Lily Collins, Hailey Baldwin, and Karlie Kloss to offer his opinion on this age-old question.

What I’ve heard: A few clients have told me that older women should not use black mascara, and instead use brown.

In my opinion: I think if you’ve always used black mascara, you should continue to do so. Maybe instead change the formula, because if you’re using the same false lash effect formula, you should try something that’s a little bit more defining and lengthening.

What I’ve heard: Older women should use a matte foundation, and stay away from a luminous foundation.

In my opinion: For older women, I tend to keep the skin pretty fresh. It really depends on the skin type. Unless they need a stronger coverage, I like to use a sheer foundation and a full coverage concealer. Then, I spot check, just to keep the skin light and fresh, and it prevents the makeup from getting into lines.

What I’ve heard: Older women should not wear a smokey eye.

In my opinion: I disagree. In fact, when an older client wants to wear darker eye makeup, what I do is use a beige pencil in the water line to brighten the eyes. When there is any redness, I like to use my Lumify eye drops first because they help to make the eyes look brighter and whiter. Paired with a beige eyeliner, I think you can wear any eye makeup, whether it is a smokey eye, or even a black winged eyeliner. At any age, as long as you have white, bright eyes paired with that beige eyeliner, it makes more dramatic eye makeup more wearable.

What I’ve heard: Women of a certain age should not wear any shimmer or sparkle.

In my opinion: I think that’s a misconception, as long as you’re not covering the whole eyelid with a shimmer eyeshadow. If you use strategic sparkle on the eye, I think it’s really pretty and flattering. I like to use a metallic eyeliner, an eyeliner with some flick, or even one that has a satin finish, which I like to use on the lash line because it brightens the eyes. Anything that brings light to the eyes is definitely a good thing. Maybe you don’t want to take a frosted eyeshadow and use it as a garage door on your eyelid, but instead, use it as a highlight on your inner eye near the tear duct to brighten your eyes.

What I’ve heard: Women of an older age shouldn’t wear bright, creamy lipsticks because they can get into the finer lines around the lips.

In my opinion: I absolutely disagree with this. I think if you wear a liquid lipstick, or a matte lipstick, you avoid having that lipstick bleed into finer lines. If you do still find that happening, many brands also offer an anti-feathering lip liner. This gets applied to the outer lip line and is perfect for helping lipsticks not bleed. I actually think brighter lipsticks on an older client tend to flatter because it helps to brighten the face. I am a big fan of it!”

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