Here are some fab tips and tricks from Redken Session Stylist, Noah Hatton, who was inspired by the hottest hairstyles seen on the runways and at celeb award shows:

Sweeping Braid

YOU SAW IT ON: Jennifer Aniston, Lauren Conrad

Hatton suggests duplicating Aniston’s look by first creating a low side-part. Then, pull a two-inch front hair section away from the larger side of the part and separate from the rest of the head – this will be the hair included in the braid. Begin French braiding this piece right along the forehead hairline, stopping two to three inches from top of the ear. Secure with bobby pins, or a hair clip for an added accessory element.

Side Ponytail

YOU SAW IT ON: Carrie Underwood, Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson

“A ponytail secured on the side of the head is easy and is always in.” says Hatton. Begin by creating a deep side part on either side of the head. Prep by spritzing fabricate 03 heat active texturizer on dry hair and blow-dry the product through. The use of product will add extra texture to the tail resting on the shoulder. Gather all of the hair in a low ponytail on the opposite side of the part, just below the earlobe and secure with elastic. Make sure the end of the ponytail falls over the shoulder so you can see the ends of the ponytail from the front. “For an added variation, don’t pull the end of the ponytail all the way through the last loop. Stop midway. This creates a loose, deconstructed bun – we see this look sported quite often on the runways at Fashion Week,” Hatton explains.

Beachy Waves

YOU SAW IT ON: Ashley Tisdale, Kate Hudson, Blake Lively

Here’s a great trick to create natural waves in a flash: take dry hair and spritz a bit of curl force 17 texturizing spray-gel, “It’s a trick we used on a photo shoot at the beach when the power ran out,” notes Hatton. “This product allows the hair to keep the curl easier and helps it coil naturally.” Then spritz workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray all over and separate your hair into four sections. Start twisting one piece until it coils in on itself and secure with several bobby pins. Do the same with the three other sections, making sure to twist in the same direction each time to create a consistent, natural-looking smooth wave. Leave coils pinned for 20 minutes while picking out your outfit or putting on your makeup. Before heading out the door, remove the bobby pins and shake out the waves, and finish with outshine 01 anti-frizz polishing milk to tame frizz and add shine.

What ‘do will you be sporting come fall?
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