EMMYS 2010

EMMYS 2010

Award Season 2010 has officially begun! The Emmys saw it’s fair share of losers… and a couple of lucky winners. We, here at Beauty Banter, want to know who wins in the category RED CARPET FACE?

Here are some of the good — and not so good — faces of Emmy 2010:

Anna Paquin – I’m not a fan of this look. The hair is too coiffed, the makeup too drastic for Anna’s cute face. She looks great when she does “fresh and young,” she should keep it that way. It all seemed a bit overdone and old-fashioned.

Christina Hendricks – She looks fab! Those boobs, I mean, curls are so oversized! I do love this makeup, the sultry eye is that of a blue-grey which goes great with the dress.

Claire Danes – The golden smokey eye and light lip look stunning (and very summer appropriate) on Claire. She played it safe and simple but I like it. California starlet works for her. She’s tres bronzed here, too. Hmm, fake and bake or vacation?

Eva Longoria-Parker – I think that she could have done more. Again, hair is too coiffed for my liking, it’s the Emmys woman, not prom! And makeup is as she always wears – dark eyes, nude lip. Nothing stands out as OMG and she’s a hot broad.

Heidi Klum – Okay, she’s a supermodel and, yes, my expectations may be a bit higher than the average folk, but Heidi, what have you done to yourself? So much makeup, so much hairspray! Not enough easy chic. And those lips look scary transluscent, like she’s on the verge of frost bite.

January Jones – I heard one commentator say that her hair looked like she just rolled out of bed. Um, hello, beach-chic bead head is so in and it’s still summer people. While I do think she could have tried a tad bit harder, I don’t think January was going for Hollywood glam girl look. And P.S. I love the long bob (lob) haircut!

Jewel – WOW red lips! Jewel looks like the consummate starlet. This is how award show red carpet is done. I don’t even mind the updo! Flawless. Love it.

Kim Kardashian – Makeup is always pitch perfect. Lots of it but the drama suits her. Hair was up and back. I like Kim with her locks down, but that’s just a personal preference. This is definitely more ethereal, which is the look I think she was going for.

Lea Michele – Bangs are big this season and Lea is showing hers off. The hair was very age appropriate and the makeup was in-trend (grey shadows are making a statement!). Loving the nude lips with the smokey liner.

Rose Byrne – I love me some Rose Byrne but girl looks like she stuck her finger in an eletrical socket. What is up with that hair? Hideous! The makeup is decent but I can’t really focus on anything but that nest of hair.

Sofia Vergara – She’s like a giant bottle of sex. Voluptuous lips, hair, cheekbones and …. yes, that too. Makeup and hair were ultra sexy, not necessarily award season style, but hot none-the-less.

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