Eco-Lux Hair Care with SexyHairOrganics

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Eco-Lux Hair Care with SexyHairOrganics

I’ve tried a number of different eco-friendly hair products on my wavy-easier-to-just-throw-in-a-ponytail hair. Now it’s become a bit of an obsession. Like the search for some holy grail. Really, all I want is to get rid of frizz and create body without my hair looking crunchy or greasy. And I want it to be low maintenance. Sadly, it seems that to get fabulous just rolled out of bed tousled locks you need about an hour of prep. So, the search continues.

I was in a store the other day and the words organic caught my eye on a line of hair care products. SexyOrganicHair is the latest collection by Sexy Hair, whose signature red cans of BigSexyHair hairspray can be seen at many a hairdresser’s station. This new line is made with up to 95% organic ingredients and there isn’t a paraben, sulfate, petrochemical or synthetic dye to be found (the chocolate brown bottles are made from 25-25% post-consumer recycled material, too). I bought the two products that I thought would be best for my hair, the leave-in conditioner and a styling crème.

SexyHairOrganics Leave-In Conditioner ($18.95) comes in a pump (still unsure if I like these or the spray conditioners better…any thoughts?) and is made with 90% organic ingredients including aloe vera juice and organic goji berry, avocado and sunflower oil extracts. I ran it through towel-dried hair and it definitely helped tame the frizz. It also smelled great which can be hit or miss with organic products since they skip the synthetic fragrances we’ve all come to love (and I admittedly miss). But Sexy Hair has created Pureganic,™a USDA certified combination of essential oils including mimosa, lily, and sage that add scent without harsh chemicals.

The Styling Crème ($18.95) can be applied before you blow-dry your hair but I love that it works to control frizz on dry hair, too. Even on days when I wear my hair up, I apply it to the ends of a low ponytail to moisturize and tame any frizz. With 75% organic ingredients, the cream moisturizes with a combination of oils including coconut, avocado, jojoba, sunflower and olive. And it smells great thanks to the Pureganic™ signature scent..

You can find SexyHairOrganics full line of products online here and here. Or find it at a salon near you by using the SexyHair store locator here. xo alex.

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