Drugstore Find: Nip + Fab Detox Blend Bath and Body Products

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Drugstore Find: Nip + Fab Detox Blend Bath and Body Products

Full disclosure: I don’t handle stress very well. My body tenses, my mind blurs and I become seriously anxious. So, I take my bath time very seriously. I soak in the tub up to five times a week. I know, that’s a lot of bathing but I find the alone time relaxing and invigorating – good for my mind and good for my body. It’s like a quick holiday from life (and stress) where I can just chill out and decompress.

I am constantly on the hunt for the newest bath and body products – from soaks to scrubs to bubbles and body washes. So, I was quite interested in the newest line from UK-based skin and body brand, Nip + Fab. The Detox Blend cleanses, soothes and purifies with 4 key products: a body soak, body scrub, body wash and body lotion. Each contains an invigorating blend of tea tree, green tea, jasmine and frankincense that help to relax, rejuvenate and detox the day away (literally). I use them in conjunction with one another (I’m into a daily body scrub, especially in winter when my skin tends to become severely dry and flakey) and I’m very impressed with the outcome, especially for the price (all of the products are under $10!).

My skin is left feeling clean, soft and smooth, with a very fresh lingering scent. I must admit, upon first opening the body wash, I was a bit apprehensive as the perfumey fragrance was a bit pungent for my liking, but once I used it, I grew to find the aroma calming and the vibe equally tranquil.

The Products:
Nip + Fab Detox Blend Body Soak ($7) – This is my favorite of the group.. The green tea, tea tree and jasmine rejuvenate and detoxify, while coconut oil smoothes and soothes and frankincense oil aids in mental relaxation. You literally just pour a bit in the bath and soak.
Nip + Fab Detox Blend Body Scrub ($8) – Walnut shell exfoliates while the detox fragrance blend rejuvenates.
Nip + Fab Detox Blend Body Wash ($7) – The wash lathers into a gentle foaming cleanse while the aroma helps to soothe and detox.
Nip + Fab Detox Blend Body Lotion ($8) – Glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids stimulate exfoliation to reveal smoother, younger, healthier skin. During winter when your skin is shedding, having a lotion that aids in expediting this process is essential.

Happy bathing!

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