DIY Nail Art With MAC Artist Keri Blair

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DIY Nail Art With MAC Artist Keri Blair

While I’m not very creative when it comes to my own nails (I pretty much live in a bare fingernail and red toenail year round), I am quite fascinated by the recent obsession with nail art (on other people’s hands, of course). It truly is a means of personal expression – like how I use makeup and how others use fashion. And there’s something very reminiscent of my childhood years yearning for Lee Press-Ons and nail piercings (remember those?), yet constantly having my mother tell me “when you’re older.” And now that I’m old enough to desecrate  – or create – on my nail beds, I am turning to true artists like MAC Cosmetics Senior Artist Keri Blair for nail art inspiration. “Nails represent a creative outlet or canvas; an affordable luxury and way to showcase your personality, opinion and individuality,” says Blair. For a wide range of Blair’s extensive inspirations – she spends hours on her nails, and it shows (they’re like mini works of art!) – have a look at her blog, For today’s DIY we’re talking color; using color blocking and water marbling (a mixture of colors).

“Color blocking your nails is a great way to pay homage to the color wheel. My favorite way to do this is by painting the nail bed in two different unexpected shades. For example choose a color like M·A·C Nail Lacquer Saint Germain and paint from your nail bed to mid way down the nail then use a shade like M·A·C Nail Lacquer in Morange to finish to the tip,” explain Blair.

Keri’s DIY water marbling nail art technique is simple enough for even my uncoordinated hands. It’s easy to achieve (psst: You don’t need to know how to paint between the lines!), yet the finished product will look like you spent some serious time tending to your fingers.

Water marbling is very fun and gives way to a very interesting approach to color blocking. If you are a nail polish junkie like me, this is a great manicure to try that uses multiple colors on one nail.

What you’ll need:
4-6 bottles of polish
A small bowl
Tape (scotch or masking)

Use the tape to cover your cuticle area and skin around your nails. This allows for easier clean up later. Fill a bowl with cold water and open all of your polishes (nail polish dries very fast when dropped in water so it’s important to have your colors ready). Add one drop of polish to the water (it should spread out covering the top of the water), then add the next color and the next and keep repeating until you have many rings of polish. Quickly use a toothpick to move the polish around into interesting patterns. Dip your finger into the polish covered water and then use the toothpick to pull the excess polish away from your finger and pull your finger out of the water.
Pull off the tape, add top coat and voila!

Perhaps you prefer a solid looking nail but want to add a little bit of flair. Try this approach, choose two separate shades like a green and navy. Paint all your nails except for your index finger with green and then use navy on the index finger of each hand. What is unique about this approach is that there is a play on texture as well as color.”

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