DIY: Scrubs From Actress Kelly Kruger

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DIY: Scrubs From Actress Kelly Kruger

*this post and it’s content reflect the words and opinions of the guest editor.

I recently started making my own body scrubs. This came about after I looked around at my products (I am after all a product whore!) and realized how much money I spend on crap! Sure, some of it is amazing but a lot of it contains all kind of stuff that is not necessarily great for you or your skin. I realized that the most natural, effective, beneficial ingredients were right in my kitchen! And soooooo easy to throw together!

Here are a few of my favorite DIY scrubs:

Coffee Scrub: This one is perfect to use in the morning to wake up and get you going. The caffeine is great for circulation and preventing cellulite. The peppermint is refreshing and promotes circulation, and the almond oil is very moisturizing and makes the skin so soft!

Warning: This one is super messy so be prepared to clean your shower after!

I don’t use exact measurements, I use my eye but I suggest only making a few days at a time. If you store it in the refrigerator, it will last longer.

Mix about 2 scoops of coffee grinds, sweet almond oil and few drops of peppermint oil in a bowl or container (I use tupperware). It’s strong, so start with a little and build up If you want more. Mix it together with a spoon and it’s ready to go.

Sugar Scrub: I love this one!

Mix some brown sugar with olive oil and coconut oil. How much brown sugar you use will depend on how much scrub you want to make. This one smells so good and it’s extremely moisturizing as it exfoliates. You can also add some vanilla extract for fragrance if you want. Again, a little goes a long way!

Try raw sugar for a stronger a scrub (but it won’t smell as good).

Salt Scrub: I don’t use this one as much as the other two. It’s great and exfoliates well, but salt is a bit harsh and can dry the skin so it just depends on your skin type.

I use himalayan pink sea salt. You can buy ground salt which is finer or the regular rocks. Mix with olive oil and a bit of coconut oil. You can even use sweet almond oil, too. Play around with this one until you find the texture and scent of your choice.

My last tip is to use exfoliating gloves with olive oil while in the shower. Your skin will feel amazing after.

*About the guest editor: Actress Kelly Kruger(Entourage,Young And the Restless, Blue Mountain State) discovered her love for beauty products while on movie and tv sets, working with different makeup artists and hair stylists. She developed a very strong addiction to buying beauty products often being labelled a “product whore” by friends and loved ones. In her spare time, you will most likely find Kelly at a beauty supply store feeding her addiction.

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