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DIY: 10 Ways to Use Rosehip Oil

By December 15, 2017 2 Comments

DIY: 10 Ways to Use Rosehip Oil

There are certain oils that – even when endorsed by celebrities for specific skin and hair ailments – we are weary of dousing on our bodies. But then there’s rosehip oil: Known as one of nature’s most powerful anti-aging ingredients and a favorite of model and Kora organic skincare founder, Miranda Kerr. If you’ve had the pleasure of checking out her hair, skin, and body in countless magazines then you’re well aware that she’s got glowing skin (and hair… and body…). Naturally, we decided to investigate the wonder oil.

Rosehip oil not only smells delicious, but is  a true super ingredient. Packed full of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, it offers a plethora of benefits. Here are our top ten favorite ways to use it:

1. To remove even the most stubborn of waterproof mascara, soak a cotton pad with rosehip oil and gently press over your lash line.

2. If your skin is feeling extra dry, mix a few drops of rosehip oil with a mild face cream such as Embryolisse (our favorite hydrator!).

3. Coat any scratches or cuts from shaving or summer adventuring with rosehip oil to prevent ugly scarring. Even better, regular application will also fade existing scars.

4. Dab a light coating of rosehip oil on your pucker for a lasting and moisturizing lip sheen.

5. Rub a bit of rosehip oil in your hands and then run through your mane to smooth flyaways. Make sure to only use a very small amount to avoid weighing down your locks.

6. Pat some rosehip oil on your cheeks to enhance your natural glow during summer. It will compete with even your most trusted highlighter.

7. Are your brows coarse or unruly? Rosehip oil will condition them while also keeping them in place.

8. Feet take a real beating during sandal season. Before bed, liberally coat your heels with rosehip oil before putting on a pair of sock to wake up with noticeably softer soles.

9. Brittle and dry nails will love a good dose of rosehip oil. It promotes growth while simultaneously preventing hangnails and breakage.

10. Because of the active vitamins, rosehip oil will work just as well as your favorite dark spot correcting serum. Not to mention, it’s definitely more friendly on the wallet.

Do you have any favorite ways of using rosehip oil? Or any products containing the super ingredient that we should try? Let us know in the comments below.

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-Casey Sharbaugh is the blogger behind www.comfortablycasey.com

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