DIY: 10 Uses For Essential Oil

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DIY: 10 Uses For Essential Oil

Essential oils sound good in theory but, many times, actually using them can prove to be a difficult feat. After all, pure essential oils are so potent that they aren’t meant to be applied directly to the body. In other words, you have to dilute with water before you can even use them. But the benefits of essential oils are awesome and, many times, immediate.

So, after discovering L’Occitane’s Relaxing Essential Oil, a wonderful combination of lavender, bergamot, and orange essential oils, derived and produced in Provence, France, we decided to put together a list of ways in which you can integrate essential oils into your daily beauty and lifestyle routines. A DIY Essential Oil Master Class, if you will.

Ten ways to use the Relaxing Essential Oil:
1. Put a few drops in the bath
2. Create a linen spray – just add water to a spray bottle
3. Combine with your favorite body moisturizer (this is a great way to scent drugstore lotions)
4. Sprinkle a few drops onto unscented candles before burning
5. Put a few drops into your smelly shoes to freshen
6. Apply a few drops to a warm towel and place on stomach to help soothe cramps
7. Put a few drops in your iron or steamer to give clothes a light scent
8. Add a few drops into a face steamer such as Panasonic’s Facial Ionic Steamer for a relaxing and hydrating at-home facial
9. Vapor therapy! Add 2-3 drops to a tissue and slowly inhale the relaxing scent to help calm your mind and ease your stresses
10. Sprinkle a few drops on silk flowers to add fragrance to a room

Of course, any of the above uses for the essential oil will work for all essential oils across the board, but we’re especially loving L’Occitane’s dreamy scent combined with its relaxing qualities (maybe we can finally throw out the Ambien?), and the company’s commitment to quality ingredients and the environment.

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