DIY: 10 Creative Ways To Use Aloe Vera

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DIY: 10 Creative Ways To Use Aloe Vera

Certain smells immediately evoke memories of summer: Coconut, sunscreen, and chlorine top the list, but aloe vera definitely can’t be overlooked. This superstar ingredient was a soothing miracle as a sunburned child, but of course we would never be so careless with our UV protection at that age! Luckily, the power plant serves many other purposes since it is antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal, and it’s incredibly easy to use in various DIYs.

Prepping your aloe vera is simple. After purchasing an aloe plant, cut off two thick stems. Remove the serrated edges, and then carefully slit the top layer of the leaf lengthwise. This will expose the aloe gel on the inside. Collect the pulp in a bowl to be used in whatever application you desire. Here are 10 creative DIY ways to use aloe vera today:

1. Mix aloe with coconut oil for a gentle eye makeup remover.
2. Freeze aloe pulp in ice cube trays for serious redness relief.
3. Put aloe juice into a spray bottle to simultaneously soothe an itchy scalp while fighting frizz.
4. Rub aloe over irritated skin areas to calm them, whether it be eczema, psoriasis, or even bug bites.
5. Shave your legs with a mixture of aloe and coconut oil–its antibacterial properties are great for inevitable nicks near your ankles!
6. Add aloe juice to almond milk with a splash of lemon juice and wash your face to gently combat acne.
7. Down ¼ cup aloe gel dissolved in ½ cup of water to fight bad breath.
8. Mix ½ cup aloe gel with ¼ cup alcohol and about 20 cups of your favorite essential oil in a spray bottle for a natural version of Purell.
9. Whisk together one egg and two tablespoons of aloe vera. Apply as a mask for a firmer, tighter looking visage.
10. Apply aloe vera gel to stretch marks daily to improve blood circulation and promote cell growth.

As long as you store it in a cool and dry place (a fridge is ideal), aloe vera gel can last for up to a month, but it’s definitely best to use fresh aloe for effectiveness purposes. Just make sure to look out for any drying, and never place in direct sunlight or warmth.

Have a unique way to use your aloe? Tell us in the comments below.


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