Inspiration: Dior Vernis + Holton Rower

Inspiration: Dior Vernis + Holton Rower

Last Thursday, Dior Beauty teamed up with the Hole Gallery for a dinner and pour (more on that later) to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Dior Vernis and artist Holton Rower’s solo show at the gallery. Art and beauty are two of my most beloved passions so naturally I was honored to be included. The dinner was beautiful as was to be expected from Dior: White candles that melted into multicolored drippings, the most phenomenal flower table dressings, and even DIY dessert pours (to mirror the pour paintings of Holton Rower, on display in the gallery).

After dinner, guests like Harley Viera-Netwon, Charlotte Ronson,  Julian Schnabel, and Dior’s Dianne Vavra gathered into an adjacent room to watch Holton make an original pour painting – from start to finish. He used 5 Dior Vernis bottles to create the shape of the pour (see images) and approximately 5,000 unique colors for the painting: Holton pours cups of paint onto a piece of material, layering each color over the other while the paint colors flow and weave into a beautiful and intricate shape on the canvas. Five of the colors used to create this piece were chosen by Holton and matched with Dior Vernis shades: Red Royalty #999, Gris Montaigne #707,Psychedelic Orange #545, Flapper Pink #453 and Nirvana #704.

How it begins – Holton, the wood, paint, and the Dior Vernis bottles.

The Process: Pouring

Dior Vernis pour 1: Flapper Pink

Dior Vernis pour 2: Psychedelic Orange

Dior Vernis pour 3: Red Royalty

Dior Vernis pour4: Gris Montaigne

Dior Vernis pour 5: Nirvana

The finished pour painting

*Beauty Fact: “In 1962, Dior was the very first Couture House to launch its own brand name nail lacquer to match its already iconic lipsticks. A Dior slogan from the period captures the popularity of the new product: “Today, the four shimmering letters of Dior have come to the tips of your ten fingers.”

*Holton Rower Pour Painting on display at The Hole from April 28 – May 26th, 2012.

Empty paint cups

A new color and type of flower was sprinkled on the table every 10 minutes throughout the meal.

Ali Wise and Charlotte Ronson

Interview Magazine’s Lauren Tabach-Bank, Logan Horne and Ali Wise’s Beauty Editor, Celia Ellinberg


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