Diamond Facial Sculpting

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Diamond Facial Sculpting

Celebrity-favorite,Dr. Jason Diamond, has been working his magic on the faces of Hollywood’s elite for years. From rhinoplasty to face lifts, Dr. Diamond is the go-to plastic surgeon to enhance your pretty. He’s worked with celebs including Kourtney and Kim Kardashian and Kate Upton, and now, he’s offering his astute eye with a service that won’t take you under the knife (but it’ll still give you BIG results): Diamond Facial Sculpting, a bit of filler here and there to accentuate your features, tighten sagging skin, and contour your face. And all of this in under 30-minutes, with virtually no pain! No wonder his nickname is Facetune in real life (yes, dreams do come true).

We’ve heard the raves, but we wanted to know more about this customized treatment, so we went directly to the source: Dr. Diamond, himself.

Beauty Banter: Why would someone do Diamond Facial Sculpting?
Dr. Diamond: There are a few different reasons. The first being that they want to highlight and contour the face. If you look at any celebrity’s face, the contours of the face are usually pretty similar: great cheekbone structure, great jaw line, a good projection to the chin. I can give someone who wasn’t genetically blessed with that the same contours with Diamond Facial Sculpting. Secondly, if someone wants to buy some time before a mini face lift or a face lift, or for maintenance in between facial procedures, then I’ll also do this for a subtle lift. This procedure will lift the face and give a slight rejuvenation.

BB: How long does the procedure take and what’s the downtime?
DD: The procedure can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes. The downtime is virtually none; people can actually do this on their lunch hour. We recommend doing it a week before a major event, in the event you are a bruiser or have delayed healing, such as swelling.

BB: What are the different parts of the face that people do Diamond Facial Sculpting on?
DD: The temples, the cheekbones, the chin, and the jawline; any boney structure of the face, I can augment with Diamond Facial Sculpting. This entire technique that I developed stems from my years in surgery. I’m one of the only surgeons in the world that customizes facial implants (editor’s note: this is for a face lift, ladies), and this is the non-surgical alternative to that surgery. I can get deeper onto the bone with my technique.

BB: What does this procedure do for people who have gaunt, skinny faces?
DD: If you have a gaunt, skinny face, typically you have more of a droop, so it can sometimes look like you need a bit more of a lift, even in your younger years, so this can give you a lift laterally, so you won’t look puffy.

BB: How long do the results last?
DD: Anywhere from 8-18 months, depending on the patients physiology and how quickly they metabolize the product.

*To book your consultation with Dr. Diamond, call 310-859-9816. 

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