Cleansing Water: What Your Beauty Cabinet Is Missing

Cleansing Water: What Your Beauty Cabinet Is Missing

A longtime favorite of makeup artists and French women, cleansing waters are quickly becoming more mainstream as drugstore brands are jumping on the “waterless” face washing bandwagon. Mass and prestige brands are offering cleansing waters as a gentle alternative to face wash and makeup remover, taking this product’s status from exclusive to inclusive. If you’re not yet using a cleansing water, now is the time. French women have many beauty secrets, especially when it comes to anti-aging, and this one has us shouting oui. 

A key aspect to cleansing waters is how gentle they are. In fact, they’re so mild that they could almost be considered baby products. Many people believe that the water required by traditional cleansers dehydrates your skin, so this is a way to clean without stripping. Better yet, no rinsing is required, saving precious time when you want to go from a full face of makeup to your pillow STAT! They’re also popular with sensitive and acneic skin types as their bare-bone formulas won’t irritate even the most irritable of faces. Here are the best options currently on the market:

Quickly earning a name for itself as a drugstore staple, Simple Cleansing Micellar Water ($8) is a stellar product at an even better price. Impossibly gentle, the formula removes environmental contaminants without a hint of irritation.

Bioderma Crealine ($23) is a total cult classic (see here, here, and here for proof!). Beauty Banter’s Sarah Howard consistently lists it among her must-have items, swearing by it as a makeup remover that has yet to make her acne prone skin breakout.

If you want to gently exfoliate while cleansing, reach for Santa Maria Novella Exfoliating Water ($55). The company was founded by Dominican friars in 1221… no big deal. Acetic Acid will remove dead cells while refreshing your visage faster than an actual vacation in Italy.

Most cleansers have a PH of seven and above, whereas Dr. Brandt Skincare Xtend Your Youth Dual Fusion Water ($32) is between five and six to balance. Your skin will feel soft and fresh thanks to tiny particles that remove makeup and other impurities.

Turns out Diptyque isn’t only good for their fabulous candles. Although very fragrant, Diptyque Infused Facial Water ($55) is filled with Damask rose for boosted radiance. Apply it pre-serums and creams to increase their effectiveness.



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