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Okay, that was too easy! Yes, Yes, Yes, the famous eyes were Mona Lisa. Now, I propose a challenge: guess these 7 famous eyes in order… whomever gets them ALL correct WINS! (the prize is to be determined – but it will have to do with a personal pic and profile exclusively on Beauty Banter!!!)
Good luck and have a BEAUTYfull day!








And the Beauty Emmy Goes To…

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Heidi Klum

An unprecedented amount of emails came through voting Heidi Klum the Emmy’s number one HOTTIE!!!

Runner up would have to be… Evangeline Lilly!

As for my comments, lets see… Ellen Pompeo looks a little too botoxed, Tyra Banks looks like she’s got spiders crawling on her eyes, Jamie Presley’s fake and bake is brutally noticeable, Sandra Oh looks bored and tired, Tina Fey’s rocking a crazy buffant, Eva Longoria is too hyped (not into her very typical and of-the-moment facade) and Geena Davis looks pale as a ghost (she could use some of Jamie’s mystic tan…)
As for Katherine Heigl, Maria Menounos and Debra Messing… they’re looking pretty damn fine!

My personal choice for winner would have to be…

Love HIM!!!

2006 Emmy Beauty Awards!!!!

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While everyone in Hollywood is talking about the most stellar performances, and everyone in New York is talking about the fashion, we here at Beauty Banter are talking about the beauty!
“And the Nominee’s for most beautiful hair and make-up are:”
(in alphabetical order)

Debra Messing

Ellen Pompeo

Eva Longoria

Evangeline Lilly

Geena Davis

Heidi Klum

Jaime Pressly

Katherine Heigl

Maria Menounos

Sandra Oh

Tina Fey

Tyra Banks

“And the Beauty Emmy goes to…”
YOU DECIDE! Either leave a comment HERE or
EMAIL US with your choice…
I’ll be back tomorrow at some point with the results… and, of course, some of my own comments!

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