Bumble and Bumble Curls Galore!

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Bumble and Bumble Curls Galore!

Bumble and Bumble has officially relaunched their Curl Conscious line (complete with new paisley packaging)! As of yesterday, September 15, you can buy the award-winning, curl enhancing products at www.curlconscious.com.

The entire Curl Conscious line – I heart the cute, new packaging!

Curl Conscious consists of 7 products (3 of them are new formulas) to define the natural curl, be it ringlets or wavy. They use special ingredients to form and protect the curl. Their claim to fame: Transglutaminase, a patent-pending, curl-keeping phenom that cross-links amino acids in hair to form humidity-resistant bonds so curls are protected from environmental factors and free to curl at will. Also, Moisture Complex imparts softness and shine with agents like glycerin, panthenol and squalene. All of the products are meant to promote natural hair, beautiful hair without the use of harsh blowdryers, flat and curling irons. The products are meant to bring lifeless curls to a healthy and nourished life!

I tested the Nourishing Mask, Reactivating Mist and Holding Foam.

Let’s start with the Nourishing Mask **Beauty Banter Must-Have** – I love it! You leave it on for ten minutes and then rinse. If you let your hair dry naturally, it is conditioned, full of body, shine and moisture and unbelievably soft! Literally, I received so many compliments on how “natural” and “healthy” my hair looked! And although I have wavy hair, my curls were more defined – big, lively and full of body – not so tepid and frizzy. It’s definitely a treat for your hair! $24.00 for 5 oz.

The Reactivating Mist is meant to “reawaken soft waves or tame hyperactive curls.” Although the spritz smells delish, it didn’t do much in terms of evoking a true curl from a wave – although I don’t think this is the point of the product. My hair boasted mere tidal waves, not monsoons – and I was looking for the ten-footer! But it did keep my hair feeling soft and looking healthy and it’s great to use the day after a shampoo because it does reawaken flat, lifeless hair with a burst of shine and some wavy energy.  I also liked that you could spray the mist periodically during the day for touch-ups because it offered a mild pick-me-up.  For real kinky, sexy curls, however, I’d opt for the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.If you’re in the market for a more natural, simple wavy do, then this product is right for you.  $20.00 for 8.5 oz.

The Holding Foam is said to “keep curls together regardless of heat or humidity with flexible, durable hold” and it definitely delivers on the hold (it made my hair feel a tad too firm, although I may be the only one). I saw a little bit of curl action going on – my wavy mane did have a bit more volume and umph. But not the crazy, sexy curl I was searching for. However, I had my curly (not wavy) haired friend give it a try and she loved the Holding Foam. She said it made her curls “spring to life.” And they stayed looking sassy and full of body, sans the frizz, all day long. $26.00 for 3.5 oz.

Other products from the Curl Conscious line include Defining Creme, Calming Creme (I do love me some hair cremes!) and the Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner.

Here’s to some curl therapy!
Happy shopping!

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