Brows For Every Face Type

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Brows For Every Face Type

Fall is just around the corner and brows are back. Here, Hibba Kapil, browologist and owner of the popular Hibba NYC salon, dishes on brow looks for every face type.

Face Type: Round with prominent Cheek bones and sharp features

 Eyebrow Type that works best for her: Thick elongated arched brows with slightly tapered ends. The width in the middle should be determined by the start of the corner of the eye.
The actress has perfect brows but since they are curly in texture a little tighter trimming will be appropriate.

How to get Lea’s Look: The first step should be to tightly trim the brows by holding scissors in a slant angle sort of 45 degrees.  You do not want to touch the top other than a little clean-up. Try to create a same slant of 45 degrees towards the arch point which is farther away from the midpoint. Then towards the end, go a line thinner than the front. Finish the look with a brow filler to make the brow appear fuller and a clear mascara to top it off. 
Hibba’s Insider Tip**: Always draw yourself a nice outline before shaping the brows.

Face Type: Long with pointy chin

Brow type that will work best for this face: Thick all along but with round accents which of course Kim has. The width of her brows is perfect.

How to get Kim’s Look: Start with little trimming just at the fronts (Not all along).  Tweeze a line on top and then a line on bottom since we want to keep the same thickness. Do not touch the ends to keep the look as natural as possible. End with a little brow filler depending on what kind of growth you have.

Face type: Oval face with heart shaped chin

 Brows that work best for such face type: Medium thick elongated arched brows to counter balance her pointy chin. The width in the middle should not be less that the starting point of the eyes. 

How to get Christina’s Look: Very little or no trimming at all.  Depending on your current thickness you might just want to leave the fronts very natural with a slight clean-up of the fuzz.  However, slightly thinner ends with an arch in the mid-point will be appropriate.
Hibba’s Insider Tip**: A square front look will look great on a round cheeky face structure.

Face Type: Oval thick featured face 

 Brow type that works best for this face structure: Thick arched brows with arch points beyond the mid-point.  For her age the thicker the brows the better they are.  

How to get Sophia’s Look: To create this look you want to not touch the fronts and the ends. The arches are beyond mid-point.  Thicker in front and thinner in the ends but only slightly.

Face Type: Small oval face

Brows that work best for this face type: Medium thickness with a soft arch. Heidi needs a more of a gap between her upper lid and brow but she rocks always always!

How to Heidi’s Look: Depending on what you have got naturally you just want to slant the tight trim on the upper side with a 45 degree angle. Such bone structure can use some space between the upper lid and brow bone, so remove just one hair line in a 45 degree slant, underneath the front before the arch point. 

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