British Pharmacies

British Pharmacies

I just returned from a quick jaunt over to London and while I’m LOVING the fashion…

I’m not as impressed with the pharmacies. The UK Rx’s aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as the French pharmacies, but that’s not to say that I didn’t have fun in Boots (a massive chain of British pharmacies – comparable to a CVS or Duane Reade – are all over London).

While Boots has some great lines of their own – now sold in the states at places like Target and CVS – the actual Boots stores are bigger than French pharmacies and a little too overstocked. They don’t carry as many high-end or obscure brands but they do have the entire Boots range (which is fabulous).

Here are some of the lines available:

– I’m pretty much a fan of all Boots body products but I really heart their creamy exfoliators
Boots No.7 – 4-in-1 wipes are still one of my favorites for removing makeup
Simple – The baby products are great for sensitive skin types (especially the body washes)
Dove – What’s not to love about dove? It’s pretty standard. I’m a fan of the Dove deodorant.
Nivea – Makes a kick-ass body moisturizer
Piz Buin – The sun never comes out in London so a tan in a bottle is the only way to go
St. Tropez – They love them some tanning products
E45 – Mega dry skin cream at an inexpensive 1.85 pounds a tube
Rimmel – Obsessed with Sexy Curves mascara. They also make great eye liners for a reasonable price.
Bio-Oil – Great product for treating scars and stretch marks. I recently discovered it in the U.S. and have been using on my skin for a couple of months

Have a favorite UK product?
Let us know!
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