Bright Eyes by Benefit

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Bright Eyes by Benefit

Any product that promises brighter, less-fatigued, bigger eyes is a product for me! I discovered Benefit’s Eye Bright pencil a few years ago while combing the counters at a NYC department store. I wanted something that would make my eyes “pop,” give me that celebrity, I’ve just slept for hours, red carpet glow. Enter the Eye Bright pencil: a unique, creamy pink pencil designed to wake-up tired eyes. I used it religiously for about a year and then I (gasp!) lost the darn thing!!!

Well, on a recent jaunt through a local LA department store, I came face to face with my miracle pencil. My love reignited, I bought another one and have been tending to my tired eyes ever since.
Here’s how it works: The perfectly shaded pink pencil helps to brighten and conceal the shadows in the corners of your eyes.

Apply the pencil to both the inner and outer corners of your eye. The creamy texture allows for easy and gentle application. “Draw 3 to 4 short strokes in the area between the bridge of your nose and the inner corner of your eye where dark shadows linger. Also, draw a light line from the outer corner of your eye up and toward the end of your brow. Do not over blend.” I do, however, pat it down with my index finger so that it isn’t SO bright (but if you’re feeling – and looking – really tired, don’t bother patting). Use this as your final step in your makeup application for optimal “bright eye” results!

The best endorsement is a compliment. Eye Bright will have you basking in the glory of… “don’t you look well-rested” all day long!

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