Breaking Up With Blackheads For Good

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Breaking Up With Blackheads For Good

If you feel like your skincare routine is on point but you’re still suffering from clogged pores, you’re not alone.  No matter how many compliments you get on your glowing and somewhat flawless complexion, those pesky black dots around the T-zone seem to be ever-present (especially if you own a magnifying mirror).

Blackheads can affect those of us who don’t even suffer from acne on a regular basis, and the urge to squeeze is almost irresistible.

To avoid attacking your nose and potentially causing scarring, Dr. Dennis Gross offers sage advice on where exactly these clogged pores are coming from and how to get rid of the dreaded blackhead once and for all.

Beauty Banter: What exactly is a blackhead? 

Dr. Dennis Gross: Blackheads starts with a blocked oil gland, which is actually an oil chemistry problem. It is an oil quality issue, not quantity.   When acne occurs, the oil is too thick and waxy for its own good. Instead of flowing freely through the pores, it becomes blocked and forms a plug.

BB: What products do I need to get rid of them? 

DG: Proper chemical exfoliation with a product such as my Alpha Beta Daily Peels is crucial.  Follow up with a mask with ingredients such as sulfur help to draw excess oil from the skin. This cocktail of ingredients will help to balance skin, effectively clearing pores and exfoliating for clarity.

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BB: Should people at different ages focus on different active ingredients to treat?
DG: Sometimes there is little-to-no difference between adult and teenage acne. However, this must be determined on a case by case basis because there are a multitude of different adult acne causes, from hormones to makeup to even tap water. Determining the cause of an individual’s acne is something that you and your dermatologist should work on together.

BB: Do blackheads need to be physically removed? Can this be done at home?   

DG: Steaming skin at home is a great option to open pores and help get rid of pore-clogging surface debris. I developed the Pro Facial Steamer, which uses steam fusion technology to simultaneously cleanse pores, hydrate skin, and allow for more efficient exfoliation. Be sure to exfoliate after steaming–this step is key to detect and kill any remaining acne-causing bacteria before moisturizing.

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