Best of Scrubs… DAY 7

By November 14, 2007 5 Comments

Best of Scrubs… DAY 7

Our contest and review of the Best of Scrubs has come to an end. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we’re gonna stop scrubbing – or stop searching for other amazing body scrubs! Thanks to everyone who helped to make our Best of Scrubs possible!

Today’s scrub is: Rosemary Mint BAIN de~luxe Foaming Body Scrub

What it is: Apricot Seed, Aloe Vera & Vegetable Glycerin foaming body scrub (free of harsh detergents)
What it does: Encourages new skin growth. Removes surface impurities and dead skin. Meant for regular use.
Claim to fame: Exfoliant and body wash in one… it actually foams! Comes in four delicious fragrances including vanilla-citrus and lavender. BAIN de~luxe products are made with quality ingredients and sold for bargain prices (via hot find)!
What we like: 8.4 oz. for $3.99!!! That sort of price is virtually unheard of! 17 fl oz. for $5.99!!! The rosemary mint has a very soothing aroma, and the crushed apricot seeds make this scrub completely safe and effective for daily use. I like the foaming sensation as it does double cleaning duty – a soap like lather to wash the skin and seeds to scrub away dead cells! This is the perfect shower scrub as the flip top tube allows for easy (and quick) application. For folks who want to experience a spa-like scrub, but don’t wanna shell out loads of cash, this is the product for you!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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