Best of Scrubs… DAY 2

By November 7, 2007 2 Comments

Best of Scrubs… DAY 2

Today’s scrub is: Boots Mediterranean Body Scrub – Almond, Olive & Pistachio

What it is: Exfoliating walnut shell and apricot seeds, organic sweet almond oil and skin-softening pistachio nut oil
What it does: Removes dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and radiant
Claim to fame: From British beauty giants, Boots (also known for being a fave line of such A-list celebs as Madonna), the manufacturers of world renowned skin care line, No. 7.
What we like: 13.5 oz tub for $9.99 – you just can’t beat the price! Also, adore that you can buy it at Target and CVS. It has a creamier base, which is nice, and a pleasant smell that reminds us of an amaretto sour. The scrubbing properties are shells and seeds as opposed to salts or sugars so it is a different type of exfoliation… I’m gonna say, less harsh, good for everyday scrubbing.

Rating: 8 out of 10

(extra .5 for the price and availability!)

New Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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