Best of Organics… BATH!

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Best of Organics… BATH!

Green living is quite the current trend. With organic dining, organic juicing – even organic alcohol – if you haven’t jumped on the organic bandwagon, now would be a good time.

In a series of 3 posts, we are going to outline our favorite organic beauty products. So, if you are as gaga over green as we are, then this series is for you!

NOTE: All products listed are made with organic ingredients and/ or are 100% natural.

Up first, the organic bath:

Bath Oil – Jurlique Tranquil Bath Oil – Bath time is my favorite time of day. I like to chill out with some scented candles and a slew of scented bath products. This specific bath oil is calming (thanks to the lavender), smells wonderful, leaves skin hydrated and soothed (courtesy of avocado oil), and it actually has a slight foam – so it doubles as a bubble bath! $23.00

Bath Salts – Aubrey Organics Natural Spa Relaxing Bath Salts – For the most luxurious of bathing experiences, bath salts are key. This 100% organic choice has a pungent orange scent and dissolves in the tub for ultimate relaxation. The result is two fold: soft skin and a calm disposition. $18.85

Body Exfoliator – Weleda Birch Body Scrub – It’s no secret that Weleda is a favorite line of mine – it’s affordable, contains some of the most amazing natural ingredients, and I always see results! The Body Scrub is amazing – it smells delish (as you can probably tell by now, i’m really into scents!) with  a very faint citrus note. It exfoliates gently so you can use everyday on every part of your body. AND it has a milky consistency so it adds moisture while cleaning and scrubbing dry, dull skin! $17.00

Body Wash – Jason Pure Natural Body Wash, Relaxing Chamomile – This is one of my absolute favorite scents. I’ve been using the wash for years because, quite honestly, I find the chamomile aroma to be the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. The formula is pretty magical too. It foams into a perfectly silky wash that is both gentle and non-irritating. And it doesn’t make your skin feel dry and scaly post bath (or shower). Comes in a variety of scents. $5.19 for a 30 fl oz tub! *DRUGSTORE FIND*

Body Bar – Level Naturals Classic Soap in Jasmine Rose – Let me start out by saying that this entire body care line is fantastic (and I will be posting about many more products from Level in the coming weeks). This soap, however, deserved a spot on the coveted “best of” list. It looks and feels homemade (and looks tres chic in my bathroom), smells like a delicate flower garden and cleanses the skin with a fluffy lather that leaves my body soft, never dried out. Comes in over a dozen more scents! $10.00

Body Lotion – Moksa Organics Body Butter, Cocoa Vanilla – Another awesome organic product line. This lotion is actually whipped and hardened shea butter that melts on my skin leaving a sexy sheen (kind of like a body oil). It’s super moisturizing and has the faintest cocoa scent. $16.00

Body Oil – Kate Logan Lavender Nourish Oil – This stuff is other-worldy, the ultimate finish to the bathing experience. Kate makes each product by hand and you can literally feel her passion and love as you slather your body with the goods. The oil is so pure and the scent so intoxicating (not even a hint of that perfume-manufatured smell), it’s like wrapping your entire body in the finest of silky robes. It is light, soothing and gentle and just, well, perfect! 19.99 pounds

Shaving Cream – Aubrey Creme de la Shave, White Tea and Citrus – Would would’ve thought that an all natural shaving cream would actually work better than the regular ones? This shaving cream is a bit lotion a bit gel. It has a clean and uplifting citrus scent and leaves legs touch-approved. A little goes a long way – only a thin layer is necessary for a quality shave! $4.62 *DRUGSTORE FIND*

Shampoo & Conditioner – Sponge Wild Flower Shampoo and Conditioner – I’m so obsessed with this sleek and sexy packaging, I literally want to frame the bottles! Made with myrtle and chamomile, these products leave my hair shiny and gorgeous! Gentle enough for every day and, obvs, made sans sulfates and parabens so great for color-treated locks. $32.00 & $34.00

Deodorant – LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant, Vanilla-Coconut – If you are still using antiperspirant, we need to have a serious talk. This all natural deodorant won’t clog your pores with toxic aluminum. Instead, it will defend your sweaty pits with the sweetest smelling blend of vanilla and coconut. It’s smells so awesome, sometimes I even wear it to bed! Comes in 4 other vanilla-inspired scents. $18.00

What’s your favorite all-natural bath product?

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