Best In Nude With Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick

Best In Nude With Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick

Our love affair with Bite Beauty is well documented (just click here and here), and now we have another range of lip products from the brand to keep that flame aglow: Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick.

With eight shades all in the nude and neutral spectrum and a creamy satin finish, the Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick is not only wearable, it’s a summer barely-there prerequisite that will become your daily go-to hue(s). You know how some nudes give that dead-girl-just-hopped-out-of-a-coffin look to your precious pout? Not these shades. Each color is designed to enhance your natural lip color. In other words, your lips, just better (with a bit of bite, pun intended).

Why we like it: Besides the buttery cream formula and the universal wearability of the shades, these lipsticks are “handout,” meaning that the manufacturer has removed the outer waxy layer of each lipstick to expose the creamy core. The result is all color and hydration on the first swipe.

Favorite colors:
Cream ($28), an almond nude
Pecan ($28), a warm, dusty pink nude
Caramel ($28), a fleshy nude
Marzipan ($28), a milky chocolate nude (great for darker skin tones)

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