Best Body Oils

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Best Body Oils

So as summer approaches and romance is in the air, soft, touchable skin is of the utmost importance. I personally believe that there is nothing sexier than a soft sheen over slightly tanned skin and nothing achieves this effect like a good oil.
Oils are also great for other uses like a scented bath or for dry ends. The only slightly problematic thing is that oils can be expensive. Avoid mineral oil, even though it’s the cheapest, because it will clog pores.

So my two favorite brands are Dr. Hauschka and Monoi Tiare Tahiti.

On the costlier side, The Rose Body Oil from Dr. Hauschka is divine. It is comprised of several essential oils that are blended together to create sheer organic perfection. The scent is light and disappears quickly leaving just a faint trace of rose so I would wear this on an evening when I wanted to dazzle with my favorite perfume. It also absorbs incredibly quickly, so it’s a great “in the morning and rushed to get dressed” choice.

My second obsession is The Monoi Tiare Tahiti solid coconut oil. Every bottle contains a real Tahititan Gardenia flower and only two ingredients: Pure coconut fat and the flower extract. This product is true luxury at a bargain, it generally runs about ten dollars a bottle. Don’t be scared off by the solidity of this oil, you simply throw it, cap on, in your hot bath or put it on the window sill and the heat warms it up to a lovely liquid consistency. It comes in a myriad of scents, I’m partial to the Vanilla, the original Tiare which smells like Bobbi Brown beach, and the coconut. Regardless, they are all amazing. This product has literally given me the softest skin I have ever had and I’ve tried everything. Try it, you’ll be hooked.

Xoxo Di

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