Best Bits Of Beauty Advice: Part II

Best Bits Of Beauty Advice: Part II

Part deux of the best bits of beauty advice I’ve learned over my decade-long career as a beauty writer is here! To recap on yesterday’s part one, click here. Enjoy these face-saving tips and please comment with your best beauty advice below. After all, beauty secrets are only fun when you share them…

1. The Business Card – Ever wonder what to do with all of those random business cards that your wallet seems to collect? Use them to protect your eyelids from mascara transfer! I forgot where I learned this trick, but a makeup artist told me to place the business card at my lash line, horizontally and flat. Then, apply mascara freely and any mishaps will land on the card, not your skin. This tip has saved me so much time (and makeup remover!).

2. Brush and Conceal – When it comes to a pimple, the only thing better than concealer to hide the redness is a domed brush to dab it on for a flawless finish. I like  Sephora Collection Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush because the short bristles work to both buff and blend, without ever rubbing the concealer off of the skin. Not to mention that it allows the user the ability to layer coverage, which is always a bonus, especially for raised, stubborn, fire engine-red zits.

3. Airbrush Finish – More on the skin tip… sure, foundation can be applied with your fingers but for a seamless, airbrushed effect, a damp sponge is key. I’ve used the trick for quite some time, but makeup artist Deanna Melluso, who works with Natasha Lyonne, Olivia Wilde, and Bella Thorne recently reiterated the sentiment: “For making foundation look airbrushed and flawless, I like to apply it with a damp Beauty Blender ($20). I use the Blender in a tapping motion around the face. This makes the skin even without having too much product clump in certain areas.”

4. Eight Hour Cream for Everything – Elizabeth Arden’s cult-classic balm is the ultimate multitasker, and it’s imperative to have a tube everywhere; from the office to the makeup bag. In this article here I list 10 ways to use 8 Hour Cream, but here are a few of my favorites: Dab it on cheekbones as a highlighter; add a dollop on eyelids to create the glossy-eye effect; add to brows to groom and conditioner… it’s a game-changer for keeping unruly hairs in place! Trust me, you’ll want at least three tubes at all times.

5. Lipstick as Blush – A few years ago, I went to Paris as a guest of Dior Beauty. While there I met – and had my makeup done by – Dior artist Violette who had this sage advice to disclose: Use the same color lipstick as a cream blush by dabbing a bit onto cheekbones and blending out and up. The matching color will pull the entire face together, plus it’s one less product to fit into that tiny Edie Parker clutch! As an added bonus, if the lipstick feels too casey or matte, add the tiniest amount of the aforementioned Eight Hour Cream and you’ve literally got your very own, customized, blush that’ll leave your cheeks as dewy as winter’s first frost!  Clinique Chubby Sticks for lips work just as well on cheeks and eyes; the sheer consistency is perfectly bendable, plus they come in 16 beautifully wearable shades (so stock up). Video tutorial here.

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