Becca’s Après Ski Glow Face Palette

Becca’s Après Ski Glow Face Palette

I’m not a fan of cold weather, so I’m not booking a trip to the slopes anytime soon. BUT, that’s not to say that I don’t love a little cold weather cheek action. The way it creates that signature shade of rosy…gorge. Becca touts it as a “fresh-from-the-slopes glow,” because, apparently when you ski, you get a little sun, a little wind, a little glow, a little flush. (I, of course, wouldn’t know but I do like the way women look post-ski). And, let’s be honest, this winter glow is quite different from the summer-sun-rosy-cheek-super-bronzed look, which has a tendency to be way more dark, way more all over the face as opposed to localized on the cheek area, and way more matte (because the heat gives your skin that natural shimmer that is lacking during winter). So, when I received the Becca Après Ski Glow Face Palette ($54), I was excited to put it to the test.

If you are a daily reader of the blog, then you know how much I love a palette – the ease in color choices, the ease in packing. One palette, infinite looks. Becca’s Après Ski Glow does not disappoint. Let’s start with the formulas: six universally flattering, shimmery shades that pack a punch. Color is perfectly pigmented, as is the glow it produces. The two middle shades – Icicle (top – new and exclusive to this set), an icy white with blue undertones (think: snow!) and Opal, a subtle shimmery champagne, are perfect as highlighters. They give great illumination. Seriously. And the four shimmery cheek shades are peachy, bronzy, and rosy — without feeling summery. I’m obsessed with Blushed Copper (bottom left) mixed with Rose Quartz (top left) – two Becca best-selling shades that create a warm coppery sheen on my cheeks, without looking overly-bronzed (thanks to the hint of rose). The hue really makes my cheekbones pop, and who doesn’t want more cheek definition, am I right?

But, let’s be honest, I’ve been mixing and matching all of the colors together, and I have yet to find a shade that I don’t love. Winter Berry (top right) is a new blush, exclusively available in this palette, and it truly a great winter rosy-pink flush, the one you didn’t know you’ve been searching for. Not hot pink, a la summer, but more muted and “flushed.” It looks fab on its own.

This palette has become my go-to blush and highlighter set — and it’s only early November. I’m quite certain it will carry me into spring…with the most perfect flush ever.

Get it now, it’s a limited-edition item.


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