Beauty Tools Worth The Hype with Vintner’s Daughter Founder, April Gargiulo

Beauty Tools Worth The Hype with Vintner’s Daughter Founder, April Gargiulo

“My beauty philosophy is very simple. I value high-quality, results-driven products that offer multi-correctional performance. To me, that is true luxury and the philosophy behind Vintner’s Daughter. I come from a fine winemaking family, where we strive to make one of the finest wines in the world. This means we have an obsessive commitment and dedication to quality above all else. I apply this same quality obsession to skincare and believe that fewer, more finely made products serve your skin better. As you might guess, I maintain a very minimalist skincare regimen (cleanse, essence, Active Botanical Serum ($185), mascara) that centers on skin-forward beauty. Don’t get me wrong — I love a sheet mask and an OG facial every once in a while — but I have the most fun in my routine with my go-to beauty tools. Here’s a look at my favorites.

Hansderma Skin Cool Ice Roller At-Home for Face and Body Massage ($22) – I don’t use this daily, but wish I did. It helps reduce the puffy, “I’m a mom and haven’t slept in 3 days” face in minutes. It also helps to reduce inflammation, especially around the eyes. It’s so easy to use: Just follow the contours of your face. It feels incredible! You will become addicted like I am.

Professional Anti Aging Face Massage Silicone Cupping Set ($17) – I use these after I apply Active Botanical Serum in the morning. I love the way they work together to increase circulation, healing, and reduce inflammation. Their gentle suction creates movement of blood between the muscles of the face to relieve tension and decrease inflammation. It’s great for lymphatic drainage and lifting.

Baby Quasar Plus Red Light ($400) – I do this every night. I don’t think I will know if it is working until I’m 70 though! It is said to help stimulate collagen, speed up healing, increase cellular turnover, and be an incredible tool overall for anti-aging. I have had many aestheticians tell me that red lights like this work well with Active Botanical Serum because both are so healing and anti-inflammatory. They amplify one another.

NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Kit ($325) – I have been using NuFace and doing professional microcurrent treatment for years. This is the one device I recommend to everyone, but you have to use it regularly. Just like with products, unless you are consistent, you will not see change. I see noticeable results in the tone and elasticity of my skin. It’s a must-have for me for sure.

Elizabeth Few Silk Pillowcase ($185): I love this beautiful pillowcase by my friend Elizabeth Few. It is softer on my skin and hair than a traditional pillowcase, and it helps prevent wrinkles and keeps my hair frizz-free. Once you sleep on one of these delicate silk pillowcases, anything else feels sub-par. Also, the one-of-a-kind designs are made with all-natural dyes, which I love.

At the end of the day, though, beauty truly is a light in the heart and a twinkle in the eye, generously shared, that I believe comes from deep gratitude. You can use all the products and tools in the world, but without that inner light, you will never radiate love, acceptance, and beauty.”

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Vintner’s Daughter Founder, April Gargiulo

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