Beauty Pregnancy Tips With Alice + Olivia’s Stacey Bendet *EXCLUSIVE*

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Beauty Pregnancy Tips With Alice + Olivia’s Stacey Bendet *EXCLUSIVE*

Alice + Olivia designer, Stacey Bendet Eisner, is a very old and dear friend of mine. I’ve been asking her since finding out that she is pregnant with her SECOND child to grace my readers with some exclusive pregnancy tips. The busy designer, mother and wife has this to say about making your pregnancy as pleasurable as possible (for a recap on her first pregnancy guide, click here). And yes, take a second to DIE over this yoga pose – pregnant and all!

I try to stay organic—I love california baby calming scented products—and shikai body lotion for after bath

Wholefoods has an array of natural oils and bath salts—your nose knows what it needs when pregnant so play around and see what strikes you in different trimesters, I love putting a bit of lavender oil next to my bed when I go to sleep!

Ultimate skin healer for redness, dryness and all other pregnancy randoms—homeoplasmine—its like the ultimate miracle cream!

Mother’s Nature Oil
Wiseways balm
I also love pure coconut and olive oil which you can rub all over your whole body

The gentle birth method by dr gowri motha—it might seem a little extreme but her rules are like a baby bible! I also recommend consulting with an amazing Doula and nutritionist named Latham

Glowing Skin Glowing Baby—
The vitamins suggested by Nutritionist Sally Kravich
Also, while working with nutritionist Sally Kravich, I have learned certain vitamins and brands which are super important for both pre and post baby (and for the rest of the ladies these are all great for your skin!)
Probiotic Eleven, Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Fish Oil, Calcium Magnesium Gel Caps, and

Adele Reising is a dream! She specializes in prenatal holistic wellness and will work on all of your aches and pains.

REFLEXOLOGY at Angel Feet Spa in the west village or you can find some random masters down in china town!

YOGA—keeps your body toned and balanced and helps with everything from digestion to labor!  Ashtanga is my practice of choice—and Eddie Stern has a new night class on Tuesdays for all levels!
(See pics)
Its also super important to walk—just twenty minutes a day to keep everything flowing and moving through your system!

CHOCOLATE-every mommy-to-be wants some! I love probiotic chocolate bars from whole foods or semi sweet organic carob chips, also at Whole Foods.
If you are craving carbs—Quinoa is the most amazing grain when you are pregnant, it is packed with protein and nutrients. For a sweetened healthy carb, try make your own organic bars at

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