Beach Hair: 3 Ways

Beach Hair: 3 Ways

Beach season is in full swing which means that beach hair is the only style that you should be hassling with. If you still haven’t mastered the beachy waves, braids, buns or pony, fret not, as I’ve called on eco-stylist to the stars, Jamal Hammadi, to offer up his simple tips on three summer hair staples. With clients like Kristen Bell, Kirsten Dunst, Scarlett Johansson and Drew Barrymore, Hammadi knows a thing or two about effortless styles that accentuate the beauty of gorgeous hair.

Here are his beach hair how-to’s:

1. Beachy Texture: “My all time favorite beach look is the “I just stepped out of the ocean and let my hair air dry.” I live for that wavy texture. If you don’t plan on actually getting into the water you can achieve the same look with the Hamadi Shea Spray. Not only is it great for that beachy texture, it also protects your hair from the sun with a natural sun protectant in the shea butter. An added bonus, you can spray it on your skin for a boost of moisture and some SPF from the Shea Butter.

 2. Undone Pony: Another great beach look is a loose, undone pony. The beach is all about relaxed luxury. This pony is all about texture! If your hair is naturally curly, I would blow dry damp hair smooth with a round brush. To add a tiny bit of texture, apply a dab of Hamadi Shea Pomade to palms of hands, flip the head over, and mess the hair up with the product. Then gather hair into a mid pony allowing pieces to fall out around the neck and face and secure with a hair tie.

3. Buns: Simple high buns look so chic and modern on the beach. Nothing like a girl with a top-not wearing a bikini and sunglasses. Plus a high bun draws attention to your neck which is always sexy. Start by parting the hair in sections adding a small amount of  a heat styling spray to each section, then lightly with a blowdryer pump in some volume to create the fullness desired on top. Bring all the dry hair into a ponytail secure by a hook elastic on the top of the head. To create additional volume, back comb toward the ponytail. Finally, use a detailing brush to shape the bun and  smooth out the details. Let a few strands fall free.
*Extra: Whatever you do, never leave home without hair pins and a hair tie.”
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