Bathing Beauty: Lauren Remington Platt

Bathing Beauty: Lauren Remington Platt

For those not in the know, Lauren Remington Platt is a name you’ll want to remember. She’s that really tall, beautiful blond that can be seen at NYC events and in the party pages of swanky fashion rags. She’s got impeccable style and bone structure suited for a model, with the brains to boot. Lauren is the founder and CEO of Vênsette, an online, members only, hair and makeup booking system. Here’s how it works: Professional makeup artists and hair stylists come to your home (or office) and give you the VIP treatment for a very affordable price (roughly $325 for an evening look). Have a charity to attend? Not a problem. The MET ball? No worries. A hot date? Vênsette’s got you covered.

While Lauren has long been a staple on the social circuit, it’s Vênsette that is now the talk of the town.

Here, Lauren dishes on her favorite beauty products and why she’s full of awe for the fine folks of General Hospital

What are your top 5, can’t-live-without products?
1)  A great eye shadow brush. It is almost always about the application as opposed to the product.  You can never blend too much!

2)  Estée Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher.  I use it before I put on foundation if I am going out.  It smooths your complexion while also being translucent.  Also perfect for the morning after a big night.

3)  Nail Polish Remover. There is nothing more unprofessional or unattractive than chipped nail polish.

4)  Dry Shampoo. I have to make my Vênsette blow outs last!

5)  Lip Gloss, I love Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1.  I am a fan of a natural lip.
What is your all-time favorite product?
Armani Beauty Rouge d’Armani Lipstick – Rouge 400. There has yet to be another lipstick that can compare in its pigmentation. I named the Vênsette Look Grace Kelly in Wicked after the the perfect pout this product creates.
What product do you buy in bulk?
Individual false eyelashes.

You moisturize your face with…
Gunilla of Sweden.  Organic and a great price point

Favorite body product?  

Fresh Sugar Body Polish

Favorite hair product?

Shu Eumera Satin Milk
Favorite beauty secret you’ve picked up along the way?
Your hair and makeup will never look as stunning as when in the hands of a professional artist…no matter how good you are with a brush.
Beauty icon you admire?
Anyone on the soap opera General Hospital.  Though its not admiration so much as awe.  We all know a person couldn’t possibly look that perfect after a 24 shift in the ER or just giving birth but I can’t help but be stunned how media promotes the fantasy of perfect beauty so unscrupulously.

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