Bathing Beauty: Britt Aboutaleb

Bathing Beauty: Britt Aboutaleb

You know that adage, “it’s not the job that makes the person, it’s the person that makes the job?” Well,  this is most certainly true in the case of Britt Aboutaleb. As the style news editor for (she writes and edits the site’s popular fashion blog), Britt has been an integral part in creating the site’s personality and making it a daily must-read.

Read any article that has Britt’s name attached, and you will see her attention to detail. From the words she chooses to the stories she pens, Britt is changing the game of digital coverage one post at a time. In a space that was once inundated with derivative content, Britt brings both her original voice and savvy style experience to Elle’s fashion coverage.

Not exactly makeup obsessed, Britt only caught the beauty bug recently – largely due to her obsession with perfect skin. Don’t be fooled, though, for a beauty novice, she’s got rather good taste (in our humble opinion).

Here, Britt discusses the products that give her that coveted “glow” and her current adoration with anything Tata Harper.

What are your top 5, can’t-live-without products?
1. Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum. This is the only product I actually can’t live without. I’ve struggled with my skin from the time I hit puberty up until about six months ago when I started using the serum. Now I have that elusive “glow.”
2. Chanel Inimitable Mascara. It earns, “Are those your real lashes?” from strangers almost everyday.
3. Nars The Multiple – Orgasm. Again, obsessed with the glow.
4. Lancome Artliner Precision Point Eyeliner. I love a cat eye and have experimented with dozens of eyeliners; this one is the best (and easiest to apply!).
5. Rodin Olio Lusso. I can definitely live without this, but when I put it on at night my face glows in the morning.

What is your all time favorite product?
Right now it’s anything Tata Harper. I’m obsessed with getting perfect glowing skin (it’s the first time in my life that I’ve come close) and Tata’s products are like magic. As far as makeup, mascara is the only thing I always wear.

What product do you buy in bulk?
I live in a studio in New York, so nothing! Though I’ve probably bought more than one mascara at a time.

What is your favorite hair product?
Charlotte Ronson’s A Perfect Mess Beach Spray makes my hair perfectly messy and smelling like the beach.

You moisturize your face with…
Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum and a few drops of whatever face oil is out on my sink.

Favorite body product?
In the spring summer I use Bobbi Brown’s Beach Body Oil. It smells ridiculous, like someone bottled the beach. In the winter I use Kiehl’s Crème de Corps Whipped Body Butter, which also smells great, but is thick enough to battle an East Coast winter.

Favorite beauty secret?
Drink a lot of water. I know that’s not a secret, but I can see the difference in my face when I do (or don’t) stay hydrated. Same goes for running.

Beauty icon you admire?
Brigitte Bardot! Or anyone French, really.

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