Banter Babe: Spotlight Beauty’s Dianne Vavra

Banter Babe: Spotlight Beauty’s Dianne Vavra

What’s your beauty vibe?
I’ve had a bit of a beauty vibe turn-about recently due to some exciting life moves. During my 19 years of heading up Dior Beauty Celebrity and Press Relations, I was definitely type A, as in Audrey. My work face uniform for years was a classic red lined lip, a thick penciled in brow, and perfectly (on good days) lined eye.

Now that I’ve started my own agency, Spotlight Beauty, I’ve traded in my Diorific Dolce Vita Red for a more chill, relaxed vibe, a la Gisele. Beachy hair, minimal eye makeup, peach cheek, bronzer, and a dab of highlighter are my new go-to’s.

What’s the first beauty product you owned and loved?
My first beauty product was from Avon. They used to make these plastic animal figure pins (brooches) that opened and were filled with solid perfumes. Starting in first grade through 8th, I always had one pinned to my school uniform and would apply throughout the day. It was ideal because makeup was forbidden. I think that’s why I eventually rebelled and got into beauty!

What’s your favorite beauty treatment splurge?
My current splurge is the La Vie En Rose Facial by Hollywood Glow Girl, Angela Caglia. I walk out of her Bel Air spa feeling like a new woman every time. I don’t wear any makeup for at least three days after so I don’t interfere with the glow. It’s quite amazing. Now that she’s got a spot in Tribeca at Onda Beauty, I can pop in more often.

What’s your daily makeup routine?
My daily makeup routine takes about 10-minutes. I swear by Cle Cosmetics Essence Air cushion compact. It’s just the right amount of coverage, has spf 50 and makes my skin look even, poreless and flawless. The Cle Essence Moonlighter Cushion luminizer is fantastic too. Rohto Cool eye drops are a must; a makeup artist trick to make the whites of your eyes look whiter. I use Marc Jacobs waterproof eyeliner pencil in black on my upper waterline only to make my eyes look bigger. I love lash extensions so I don’t have to apply mascara and rub it off at night. I really think rubbing off mascara and eye makeup is damaging to the delicate skin around the eye area, causing more lines and wrinkles. I rarely, if ever wear eye makeup. I use By Terry Hyaluronic Blush in Peachy Petal. For lips, I am obsessed with Herbacin Kamille lip balm that I stock up on when I’m in Paris.

What’s your daily skincare routine?
Skincare is a mix of Angela Caglia (her power cleansing balm is amazing), Angela Caglia soufflé moisturizer for day, Cle de peau eye cream and at night, I alternate days Beauty Rx Essential 8% Exfoliatong Serum with Angela Caglia Luxurious Face Oil. When I wake up, my skin is glowing and feels plump and healthy. A few times a week, I’ll use Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer.

Age gracefully or filler and botox, please and thanks?
I am a firm believer in doing what makes you happy and feeling your best. If it’s a little help from a trusted derm with a light hand, I’m all for it!

What product do you buy in bulk?
The Perfect V beauty sheets. I keep them in my bathroom, powder room, handbag, gym bag, travel bag. They keep me feeling fresh at all times and ready to conquer anything! The entire product line is pretty luxe and amazing.

What’s your save-the-day hair product, and why?
Unite Texturiza Spray. Adds body, shine, and texture with a single spray.

Who is responsible for your hair; cut and color?
Ida at Pierre Michel Salon in NY for color. She is genius.

Currently looking for new cut expert because my favorite Mia, formerly of Pierre Michel, recently moved. I only cut my hair 3 times a year, so I’m still on the hunt.

Best piece of beauty advice you’ve received?
The best piece of beauty advice I’ve ever received actually applies to every area of life “when in doubt, leave it out.” My first boss at Estee Lauder used to say this all the time.

Who is your beauty icon, and why?
My beauty icon is Natalie Wood. She was so beautiful and natural looking. It has been noted that she only put mascara on the tips of her lashes and liked to layer her lipstick. I try to follow her less-is-more mantra.

What’s your least favorite beauty trend?
Lip liner that’s not filled in. Believe it or not, some people I know still do this. I try to explain, but they insist it makes their lips look bigger and more defined.

If you could only do one beauty treatment on the weekly, what would it be, and why?
A good massage. Nothing worse than looking forward to a good kick ass massage and getting stuck with Lilly Light Hand.

What’s your best kept beauty secret?
Fraxel two times a year on face, neck, and hands. I believe a little laser goes a long way and it has helped my skin stay luminous and younger looking. That, along with sunscreen — always.

–Dianne Vavra, founder of Spotlight Beauty

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