Banter Babe: Clara McGregor

Banter Babe: Clara McGregor

What’s your beauty vibe?
My beauty vibe is beachy and natural.

What’s the first beauty product you owned and loved?
My first beauty product was black eyeliner which I used far too much of at the time. I loved it because I felt it gave me an edge.

What’s your favorite beauty treatment splurge?
I love going to Shin in Los Angeles to get a facial. Oni Chaves gives me he most amazing facials that completely revive my skin.

What’s your daily makeup routine — and how long does it take?
I don’t wear much make up on a daily basis, but I love using some Charlotte Tilbury natural colored lip stick and a little Chanel mascara. I also love Glossier’s highlighter, it adds a nice glowing touch.

What’s your daily skincare routine?
When I wake up and before I go to sleep, I wash my face with Sanitas face wash and I moisturize with either Mario Badescu’s Seaweed Cream or Weleda’s Skin Food.

Age gracefully or filler and botox, please and thanks?
I want to age naturally; I think there is something beautiful about the natural aging process.

What product do you buy in bulk?
My moisturizer. I always need moisturizer.

What’s your save-the-day hair product and why?
Oribe’s Gold Lust Dry Shampoo! It keeps your hair looking so fresh even when it really isn’t.

Who is responsible for your hair – cut and color?
Liz Jung from Meche Salon in Los Angeles does my hair, and I would never let anyone else touch it.

Best piece of beauty advice you’ve received?
My mother stopped me from over tweezing my eyebrows when I was younger, and I am forever grateful.

Who is your beauty icon, and why?
A young Catherine Deneuve. I love her classic French style. She was so effortlessly gorgeous.

What’s your least favorite beauty trend/ look?
I don’t like how the current makeup trend is all about contouring and adding far too much foundation.

If you could only do one beauty treatment on the weekly, what would it be and why?
Definitely a facial.

What’s your best kept beauty secret?
It’s pretty simple, but I try to moisturize three times a day. The less makeup I wear, the better my skin is, so I try to avoid it when I can…and keep it moisturized!

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–Model and actress, Clara McGregor

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