As if we hadn’t heard enough…

As if we hadn’t heard enough…

Here it is! The beauty breakdown of Lindsay Lohan’s MUGSHOT!!!

We don’t care what she did (well, we do care that she drives drunk cause that’s just not safe for other driver’s on the road…), we just care how she looked!

We’re not mad at the no-make-up/ make-up look (although we’re not sure this is what was intended at the evening’s start) although we do have a couple of minor suggestions…

Eyebrows look good and groomed. Maybe a little “painted.” Clearly, the blonde hair (dyed and all) doesn’t warrant SUCH dark lashes.

Hair looks a little thin in the front. That’s why dye jobs should be few and far between (As we all know, LL is actually a red head, not a blonde). Plus, the color is a bit oxidized (probably all that time spent frolicking in the Malibu sun… Sun is bad for colored hair!)

We wouldn’t mind a bit of blush on her cheeks. Her skin seems orange – dare we say, too many spray tans?!?! Some plain powder could help neutralize the orange hue and the blush could liven her face.

Lips look very chapped. Even if she chose not to use color (although we are quite certain that the lip gloss is stuck somewhere on bottles and glasses of alcoholic beverages soon to be seen on an eBay auction!), some clear gloss – possibly a lip plumper – would do wonders.

Well, the eyes are an issue. Lets just say that Visine would make a major difference! And the black mascara is a tad smudged causing her to look tired and plagued with dark circles (or could that be the all-night partying???). Our advice: Waterproof mascara – stays on all day long… doesn’t smudge or smear! And SLEEP! Sleep is good. All-night parties are bad. For the eyes and skin, at least!

Thoughts??? Come on, we know you have an opinion!

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