Arcona Skin Care – The Line That Saved My Skin

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Arcona Skin Care – The Line That Saved My Skin

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This year’s transition from winter to spring was a brutal one for my skin… it took a lot of TLC and Arcona products to get my complexion back on track. First there were the excessive dry areas mixed with an oily t-zone that gave me tiny little under-the-skin bumps on my forehead and flaky skin around my eyes and mouth. My face was severely dehydrated but I was still breaking out — a difficult combination to manage. I decided to give my skin a detox from all of the chemicals and harsh ingredients that I so commonly use to combat my concerns, and stick with Arcona for one month — to try and calm and rebalance my natural oil process.

Here’s the regimen that I have been using and the products that have breathed new life into my dull and tired complexion:

Arcona Brightening Gommage ($52) – An amazing exfoliator that tingles ever-so-slightly. Leave on for 3-5 minutes for optimal brightening benefits. I use this in the mornings.

Arcona Toner Tea Bar ($38) – An antioxidant-filled cleansing bar that maintains the balance of my skin without stripping it of natural, necessary oils. Aloe and yucca extracts heal the skin.

Arcona Tabula Rasa Pads ($28) – These come pre-soaked in a wonderful solution, perfect for acne-prone/ oily skin. They’re great on-the-go, but I tend to use it more as a toner after cleansing and before moisturizing. Contains witch hazel, lactic acid and grape seed extract to fight bacteria and stimulate cell renewal.

Arcona PM Acne Lotion ($52) – An all-natural delight for acne-prone skin. It’s like a treatment in a bottle, yet it doesn’t dry out the complexion. I’m pretty sure that this stuff has saved my complexion! I use this in the evenings after toning.

Arcona Magic White Ice ($40) – I am so in love with this moisturizer, I can’t rave about it enough. It’s the perfect hybrid between a cream and a gel, it hydrates dry areas while leaving my skin with a dewy glow, and it’s chock-full of hyaluronic acid. I use morning and night.

Arcona Eye Serum ($38) – This gel-like eye cream moisturizes and repairs with essential fatty acids and hyaluronic acid. Coffee extracts reduce puffiness – amazing for tired mornings.

Whatever your skin concerns may be, Arcona is the answer. I am confident that their large range of products can aid in any skin situation. After all, I finally have my complexion back! An all-natural, healthy approach to maintaining skin balance.

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