An Organic Face

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An Organic Face

Skin care is tricky. Finding the right regimine for YOU is like dancing the waltz – you’re skin has to be perfectly in tune with the product or the whole thing ends disastrously.
Sophtyo is an organic line that’s been around for almost a year in England and finally launched in the states this summer. With 11 products, it’s the worlds first organic skincare range with an average of 95% certified organic ingredients in each product! It’s certified and licensed by The UK Soil Association (SA), the toughest worldwide standards for health and beauty care. And even more amazing, “a certified organic delivery system transports absorbable and non-toxic multi-vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals for comprehensive anti aging benefits.” Basically, this means that what you put on your face is the exact potency of the ingredients when they were packaged. And why is this important? Because ingredients only work at their highest potential when they are completely free of outside toxins and pollutants. This is organic care on the highest level!

Besides being completely green and vegan, this British line is also water-based (gentle, even for sensitive skin). The range includes a glycolic foaming cleanser, ultra mild cleanser, energizing and balancing tonics, normalizing moisturizer, EFA moisturizer, acne treatment, polyphenol serum, high potency concentrate serum, refining peel mask, and purifying mask. It works for all skin types and most skin conditions (aging, acne, etc).

You can discover the correct regimine for your specific skin concerns by filling out a quick questionnaire that will give you a morning and night skincare routine. Click HERE to fill out your personalized questionnaire.

Here’s my regimine:

Daily Routine (Day and Night)

– *Cleanse skin with Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser

– Dampen a cotton pad with Tone & Balance Super Bioactive and wipe skin clean.

– Apply Polyphenol Skin Drops followed by Skin Energising High Potency Concentrate (including eye area).

– Finish with Mega Omegas Day Face Moisturiser (only on eye area) and SPF.

* In case you wear makeup everyday, Ultra Mild Silken Clenaser is more effective for removing it. You can use the Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser in the morning if you wish and the Ultra Mild at night.

Weekly Routine:

– *Apply on clean skin Refining Peel Active Mask with circular motions. Leave on 5 minutes.

– Wipe skin clean with Tone & Balance Super Bioactive.

– **Apply Purifying Active Mask. Leave on 10-15 mins.

– Wipe skin clean again with Tone & Balance Super Bioactive.

– Apply Polyphenol Skin Drops followed by Skin Energising High Potency Concentrate and Mega Omegas Day Face Moisturiser (as indicated on the daily routine).

A word (or several…) from the company:
“Sophyto is the result of years of research funded exclusively by the company. Cutting edge technology designed by Sophyto’s green chemists led them to invent the first fully approved and effective food grade preservative and delivery system licensed by the worlds most robust standards for organic health and beauty care. A range completely devoid of traditional mainstream chemicals and essential oil components that contain potential allergens.”

My skin has had to endure the wrath of thousands of products – most are okay, some are terrible, and very few are actually effective. Sophyto is genius. It’s gentle and refreshing and leaves my skin feeling cleansed and soothed (I’m obsessed with the drops – I thought they’d be oily but they’re not! I’ve always been envious of dry-skin folks who get to play with all the neat skin potions, and now, finally, I do too! These drops are like food and nutrients for my face – my skin soaks up all the goodness within moments!).

I’ve been using my regimine for almost a month now and my skin looks and feels healthier, younger and more alive! And I have fewer breakouts (which is a huge personal skincare concern). It’s as though my skin just went on a major diet and purged itself of all of the crappy (no pun intended) food (or in this case, processed products).

Sophyto has definitely earned itself a permanent spot on my bathroom counter!

For more info on the line and to view the entire range, click HERE.

P.S. The Mega Omegas Day Face Moisturiser is a God-sent! It’s lightweight and ultra-hydrating (not oily and moisturizing) and it’s also great as a primer before makeup application because it actually balances out natural oils and helps with elasticity and skin tone! It boasts a pH 5 for normal skin range (that’s pretty good!). So, if you’re still a little hesitant but itching to try one product from the line, this is the product I would recommend. It’s one of the greatest moisturizers that my mug has ever felt!
$45.00 for 40ml (a little goes a long way!)

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