An Anti-Acne Skincare Duo That Works

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An Anti-Acne Skincare Duo That Works

Suffering from adult acne? Join the club. Weren’t we supposed to grow out of the pimply days of our youth? Short answer: no. Some people – myself included – never seem to catch a clear complexion break. We have to be so much more diligent in the products and treatments we use on our skin because, as anyone who gets more than the occasional hormonal zit can attest to, getting adult acne in check can feel like a full-time job. Double UGH.

I try a ton of products – it’s part of the job. Many exacerbate my skin concerns, yet I still keep trying away. So when I come across a product that actually does what it says it’s going to do — and in a relatively short period of time — I get all giddy like a kid at Christmas. Finding products that fight adult acne without causing dryness, irritation, and overall lackluster texture is not an easy feat, but I’m here to tell you that it’s possible.

Discovering Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Facial Oil and Blue Tansy Resurfacing Mask was, quite literally, a Godsend. I had heard rumblings and read rave reviews – some even called the products miracle workers – and decided I needed to try the products myself – on my hyper-acne-prone skin. So I did.

First impressions: Lapis Balancing Facial Oil ($72): Both of the products boast the most beautiful shade of indigo blue, thanks to the ingredient called blue tansy (which I knew nothing about, but read up on immediately). The Lapis Facial Oil felt thick, and I was apprehensive to use such a hefty oil on my combination, oily-prone skin. But the oil promises to balance out oil production, thanks to jojoba and kukai nut, and clear the complexion, including clogged pores, thanks, in part to blue tansy. Sounds like a drea, combo. Plus, so many reviewers said that the oil actually cleared up their existing acne — and didn’t leave an oil or grease residue. And, well, all of this is correct. While it took a few minutes for the oil to entirely absorb into my skin, before I even fell asleep the oil had sunk in; nothing left but a slight glow. The next morning I woke up with hardly any shine, save for a bit around my nose (which is normal for me). I also noticed that a jawline acne patch looked less red and irritated and the milia on my forehead had significantly decreased. Usually, oils always increase my milia…always. This one decreased it. Blown away. I kept using Lapis Balancing Oil morning and night, as suggested, 4-5 drops in morning and 6-8 drops at night. A few days into my testing, I ended up adding an additional moisturizer to my skin during the day, layering it on top of the Lapis oil because I really noticed that it had significantly balanced out my oil production and, dare I say, I even wanted a bit more hydration. At night, however, I felt hydrated enough to let Lapis do its thing while I slept.

Final thoughts: In terms of the Lapis oil, this is one of the few oils that I can say without hesitation will not make you more oily or exacerbate acne. It leaves a healthy glow, it hydrates just the right amount, it doesn’t strip or create uneven texture like so many acne products do, and it actually clears and soothes acne. All of this with healthy, non-toxic ingredients. Is all of my acne gone? No. But my entire skin tone and texture is drastically improving, and I’ll be continuing with this oil for sure. The bottle is massive – and beautiful – so I’m guessing this is going to last me quite awhile; it’s worth every penny.

First impressions: Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask ($48): The consistency reminds me of honey; it’s bit gooey as you apply – not gooey like stick, more like drippy-gooey (am I making any sense?). On me, it tingled ever-so-slightly (which I, personally, love because it makes me think the product is actually working). You’re meant to apply a thin layer, so a little goes a long way, and use the mask every other day for the first five days, then two-to-three times a week (which is actually still every-other-day). I’m going to be honest, I’m not using it every other day because I’m either a) lazy or b) don’t have the time (you have to keep it on for twenty minutes), but when I do use it, I notice a significant change in my complexion. It literally glows. The mask dries tight and washes off easily, leaving skin feeling smooth and oddly hydrated, not stripped or irritated. Natural AHAs exfoliate while aloe leaf and willow bark unclog pores and blue tansy oil soothes and calms, while also working to clean out pores. It’s gentle yet effective: an incredibly difficult combination (although I would not recommend using this on sensitive skin). Yet another Herbivore product that has an all-star cast of ingredients.

Final thoughts: When I use the Clarity Mask, I notice a decrease in my blackheads on and around my nose. It’s worth the twenty minutes, I must stop being so lazy! And when I use the Clarity Mask in tandem with the Lapis Oil, the oil is actually able to penetrate deeper into the skin (because of the AHA and BHA exfoliation action of the mask), and my complexion looks legit better. Again, I’m not saying it entirely cleared up every pimple, but it certainly made an improvement in texture, tone, and clarity. This stuff is legit.

You can actually try the duo in a set for $29 (a $50 value). What are you waiting for?

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