A Love Letter To Hyaluronic Acid

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A Love Letter To Hyaluronic Acid

Dear Hyaluronic Acid (a.k.a. HA),

We love, love, love you — and for good reason, too. In fact, we want to take our love affair public. You’ve stollen our hearts, and our complexions! Here’s why:

Besides being one of the absolute best anti-aging ingredients – it can hold 1000 times its weight in water and is naturally occurring in the body – it’s also an extremely safe and effective hydrator for oily, acne-prone, and ingredient-sensitized skin. Meaning: it won’t make your precious face breakout! In fact, it may just be the best moisturizer for an oily complexion (choose a HA gel and you’re good to go — we’re into MyChelle Serious Hyaluronic Moisturizing Gel; it’s affordable and effective.). You’re probably already using a product that has some amount of HA in it, but a hyaluronic acid serum is going to be the most pure (Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Serum is pricey, but it’s our favorite ). Depending on your skin concerns, you can find products that mix HA with other ingredients to fight aging, acne, or discoloration. Oh, and did we mention this product is seasonless, meaning you could – and should – use it winter, spring, summer, and fall? Yep, it’s a 24/7 365 item.

No, it’s not an acid, despite having the word acid in its name. HA it’s a gentle hydrator that can be used on all skin types (yes, we’re stating this twice!). If you choose a serum or gel, you can layer a moisturizer on top. You can also take HA pills (we just tried this one for two months, after hearing rave reviews about the long-term benefits of ingesting HA) to promote collagen production.

On top of being a gentle hydrator, hyaluronic acid also immediately gives the face a plumping effect (focus on lips, crow’s feet, and any other area that has tiny lines), decreases fine lines and wrinkles, and minimizes pores. Say what?! Yes, it does all of this. See why we’re so in love?

Every face needs a daily dose of hyaluronic acid. We repeat, every face. Here are our favorites:

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