A Girl’s Guide To…. Base Shadows (Part II)

A Girl’s Guide To…. Base Shadows (Part II)

As promised, here are the Beauty Banter picks for must-have base shadows…

To read the A-list make-up artist tips and tricks for choosing and applying the perfect base shadow, click HERE. And for the make-up artist base shadow picks, click HERE.


Clinique French Vanilla – A neutral, matte hue; perfect for everyday evening out of lid discoloration for fair to medium skin tones.
Clinique Beige Shimmer – A bright golden shade with a burst of iridescent yellow (great for darker skin tones).

Nars All About Eve – (clearly you can tell that I heart this duo!) A pair of shimmer powders that brighten fair to medium skin tones – contains a a dash of pink – good for a night time POP.

Laura Mercier Pearl – Applies very white but contains a shimery yellow undertone. Great to even out discoloration and make tired, smaller eyes look bright, wide and alive (for fair to medium hues).

Lorac Beige – A matte, warm vanilla hue that applies very white with a creamy consistancy. Great for everyday evening of warm or medium skin tones.
MAC Bare Study – An irrisistable cream shadow that applies white with a dash of yellow shimmer. Amazing for the inner corners of eyes to create that POP effect.
MAC Sunday Best – A frosty, pinkish-white shimmer with an irridescent glow. Great choice for medium skin tones with a rose hue.

Jouer Feather – Another shimmery cream shadow that awakens eyes and makes them appear larger (the POP effect). Apply with finger to the inner corners of your eye for an instant bright eye look. The bronzy, champagne color is perfect for darker skin tones.

Lancome Daylight – A very bold, yellowish-white matte color. Perfect choice for fair to medium skin tones that want to achieve that everyday POP and wide eyes look.
Lancome Creme Lustre – A velvety vanilla-taupe shimmer. A beautiful hue for grey/ beige discoloration or an everyday color for pale to medium skin tones.

Senna Moonlight – A camel-colored matte palette with a very creamy beige undertone. A lovely everyday base shadow for medium to dark skin tones.
Senna Pure – A matte ivory shade with an off-white hue. An eye and face color that looks good on basically every skin tone (Senna’s Lace is the shimmery version of Pure, an alternate if you want an iridescent base).

Smashbox Bliss – An ivory shimmer with a creamy consistancy. The perfect base color for light skin tones that want to layer and create a smokey eye.
Smashbox Fizz – A shimmery golden-beige color (reminiscent of Laura Mercier’s Pearl but a bit more gold than vanilla) for medium to dark skin tones. It offers a fabulous iridescent POP for tired eyes.
Smashbox Sand – A very neutral, matte white that works as an everyday base color alone, or layered with darker shades. Offers a nude, “blank canvas” effect for pale or light skin tones.

Have a favorite base shadow…. let us know! Leave a comment below!

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