A Fabulous Pout, Part Deux

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A Fabulous Pout, Part Deux

From the fabulous lips of Di Gaeta… artist, actress, fellow beauty whore…

“Okay, so now that Miss Howard’s already clued you in about TOO FACED LIP INJEECTION MASK, I’m here to give you the secret combination I use it with, that makes it twice as effective.

First, I apply onto clean lips THE LIP SCRUB by Sara Happ in brown sugar. This scrub is amazing because it uses real sugar (which tastes good in case any scrub goes astray) and the consistency is thick enough to do its job. Put a pea size amount onto your ring finger and exfoliate away in gentle, circular motions. After you’ve done this for about two minutes, use a warm washcloth to wipe it off.
Next, apply a generous amount of the lip mask, and wait five minutes till…Voila! Beautiful surgery free lips that will definitely have the boys lining up to kiss you!!!!”

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