A Day With Amanda George

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A Day With Amanda George

Winter blues always make me want to switch up my look. Pale skin needs tanning, dry complexion needs some dew, and dark tresses need some lightening up. Granted, I could embrace all that the winter climate has to offer — pale skin, matte complexion, darker mane — but I find it all a bit blah. I want bold! I want bright! I want GOLD!

So, I went to visit my friend Amanda George of the Jonathan George Salon, colorist to celebrities like Sophia Bush, and expressed my desire for a new ‘do – nothing too extreme. I mean, I wasn’t about to chop a pixie cut or go bleach blonde. But I needed a slight makeover – happy hair equals happy me. I sent her this picture of J.Lo. “Let’s do this, but a bit more ombre,” I mused.


She agreed that a lighter look would lend itself to a more beachy, summer-in-winter vibe, and got to work. Contrast was key in recreating J.Lo’s hue. We had to strip the red from my hair (and my hair tends to go red whenever it can). And then, we did a darker base color before adding highlights, focusing mostly on lightening the ends(for that more sun-kissed, ombre effect). Then we did what I haven’t done in years: We added highlights that started closer to the roots, but only around the face — this created the contrast and softens the hairline, thus the face. Granted, I didn’t go as light as J.Lo because my skin isn’t as golden as hers. So I had to adjust the lightness based off of my skin tone. Contrast comes from the darkness of you base color, but it’s also from the how cool and warm your skin tone is compared to your hair color.

Tami, master cutter, cleaned up my slightly blunt and bland hair, creating more layers which, in turn, creates more volume. I have naturally texturized hair, so layers are key for my just-got-out-of-bed, messy waves vibe. The true test of a great haircut is if it can air dry and look almost as good as a blowout. Well, this looked better!

My hair makeover complete, I sauntered out of the salon, and booked it directly to a holiday party. Few things make me as happy as a new, lighter ‘do (in both color and actual weight of hair).

*To book an appointment with either Amanda or Tami, call 310.275.2808.

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