8 Tips For Thick Hair

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8 Tips For Thick Hair

Would you rather have perfect hair, perfect skin, or perfect teeth? The answer usually tends to be beautiful, thick, flowing hair. We may not all be genetically blessed with a naturally thick mane a la Rupunzel, but there’s certainly more we can do than simply getting those split ends trimmed frequently.

Read on for some easy, everyday tips to thicker hair:

1. Do trim regularly. The ends of your hair are dead… and those bad boys need to go. Regular trims get rid of split ends that can eventually cause hair loss. Trims also keep hair looking fresh.

2. Less is more. When it come to shampoo that is. Hairstylists agree, DON’T wash your hair every day. Over-washing can lead to dry hair prone to breakage. On the flip side, not washing hair enough can lead to excess oiliness that weighs hair down. Shampooing 2-3 times per week is enough. Use dry shampoo in between washes and, if you must, give your hair a condition rinse, avoiding the shampoo for a refresher without the wash.

3. Coconut and castor oil. One of the most popular and proven treatments for healthy hair is coconut oil. It protects hair and provides essential proteins needed for hair growth. Castor oil also protects hair from fall out and is high in vitamin E and fatty acids that promote hair growth. Other oils like olive and almond work too, but coconut and castor work better for their ability to absorb the hair shaft more effectively. Click here for the Olsen twins’ coconut oil hair treatment.

4. Condition! Use conditioning styling products and avoid alcohol. Hair is susceptible to breakage when weakened by harsh chemicals, especially alcohol. Sometimes it’s hard finding products sans alcohol since its used in so many products, make sure it’s not one of the first four ingredients listed.

5. Color and style with caution. Frequently dying or bleaching hair and wearing tight pony’s or braids can weaken hair and cause breakage. Go for gentler, demi-permanent dyes that don’t contain ammonia or cut back on dying hair too frequently, especially bleach. Limit tight hairstyles if you’re worried about hair thinning, especially along the hair line.

6. Heat styling is the devil. Sorry guys, heat is not helping that natural full head of hair. Limit heat styling and, if you must do it, use a heat protection spray. Same goes about the sun, hair needs SPF too. Well, not necessarily but you want to limit direct sun exposure, use hats if you’re going to be in the sun or a gentle SPF hair mist. Try Davines Melu Hair Shield ($36).

7. Take your vitamins. Whether through a well-balanced diet or adding a supplement to your routine, hair needs nutrients. Keratin and biotin have been proven to promote hair growth, and omega-6 fatty acids have been shown to nourish hair and support thickening. When in doubt, do your research and ask your doctor or dermatologist.

8. If you want to fake it, tease it. For a quick, instant fix to that full head of hair, apply some thickening cream or spray, like Big Sexy Hair Thickening Spray ($20) at the roots and lightly tease hair with fingertips or a wide-tooth comb.

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-Claudia Mercado is a beauty-obsessed writer living in Long Beach, CA.

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