7 Beauty Tutorials We Can’t Get Enough Of

7 Beauty Tutorials We Can’t Get Enough Of

Thanks to the internet, there’s no excuse for not knowing how to master winged liner or contouring like a pro. Youtube is now a catalog for beauty bloggers and vloggers, makeup artists, and beauty-obsessed enthusiasts alike. You’ve heard of “strobing” and “baking” but don’t what the heck it is or how to even attempt these trends? Yep, there’s a tutorial for that. Want to know how to transform into your fave celeb for Halloween? There’s a tutorial for that, too.

Suffice it to say, we could spend days on Youtube learning all of the cool new makeup tricks and looks from some of the best vloggers and makeup artists out there.

But since we work for a living, we’ve rounded up 7 beauty tutorials we’re kind of obsessed with (it’s a start):

1. Selena Makeup Transformation – Desi Perkins

The Selena MAC collection sold-out as soon as its release, but we’re still all about Desi Perkins’ Selena transformation.

2. Makeup with Keeks – Keke Palmer

Who knew our favorite Scream Queen Keke Palmer also taught us how to do our makeup? See, celebs are just like us.

3. Smokey Eye Makeup – PatrickStarrr

Instagram star and YouTube vlogger Patrick Starrr gained such a cult following, he was a finalist of the NYX Face Awards. We can see why.

4. Extreme Seduction – Miss Fame

Miss Fame is GORGEOUS! Her tutorials, mesmerizing. See for yourself.

5. Bleached Brows WITHOUT the Bleach? – Jordan Liberty

Wanna try bleached brows without committing? Jordan Liberty really does give good face. Also, check out his Pearl Sugar Skull tutorial.

6. Dark Full Lips Top & Bottom Lashes – Sonjdra Deluxe

We could watch Sonjdra all damn day, she’s seriously amazing at what she does. This look is a winter glam slam. Try not to get lost in those steely blues.

7. The Power of Makeup – Christen Dominique

Beautiful on both sides: Christen Dominique has some pretty cool tutorials, everything from Drugstore Date Night to makeup blunders to avoid.

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Claudia Mercado is a beauty-obsessed writer living in Long Beach, CA.

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