6 Reasons To Avoid Essential Oils in Skincare

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6 Reasons To Avoid Essential Oils in Skincare

Many people adore products with essential oils, and several have even reached cult status. But for those of us genetically (un)blessed to have sensitive, reactive, and angry skin – it may be wise to avoid essential oils all together. When you’re sticking to an effective skincare routine but still finding yourself with troublesome breakouts or irritation, look deeper into your products to investigate for various culprits. Oftentimes, these are essential oils. Here are six reasons to consider avoiding them entirely:

1. According to Dr. Julie Russak, she often sees contact dermatitis and periocular dermatitis in patients using essential oils. Since we rub our eyes so much during the day, this can occur even if you’re not using these formulas directly on the eye area.

2. Dr. Russak also mentioned that pregnant women’s skin is much more sensitive, so EOs should likely be avoided by them as well.

3. If you buy the pure form of an essential oil, it can burn your skin. Without being diluted by a carrier oil, such as jojoba or grapeseed, for example, it is way too strong for direct application.

4. Drunk Elephant founder Tiffany Masterson lists essential oils as one of the “Suspicious Six” ingredients her brand avoids. Why? They are known irritants, and are often just included to make a product smell good.

5. Masterson also notes that sensitives from essential oil blends can be cumulative and imperceptible, meaning your skin is getting more and more sensitive and you won’t notice until you have a real problem on your hands.

6. Master facialist Diana Yerkes from Rescue Spa explained here that certain certain essential oils, mostly the citrus scents, are phototoxic. This means that like a prescription retinoid and other chemical products, it can make you more susceptible to getting severe sun burns or sun spots.

If you’re using a product with essential oils and seeing great results, there really is no reason to stop. All skin types are different, and ingredients do different things for different people.  However, if you’re considering removing essential oils from your routine, click through below to shop some of our favorite EO-free products.

-Written by Casey Sharbaugh

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