5 Ways To Use Micellar Water On The Daily

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5 Ways To Use Micellar Water On The Daily

French women swear by micellar water, and they’ve got the complexions to prove it. Micellar water was formulated with the notion that tap water is too harsh for the face, stripping it of natural and necessary oils which, in turn, can speed up the aging process. But micellar cleansing water can clean the face without actual water; in other words, no rinsing required, therefore aiding in keeping that complexion young and youthful. The formulas are so gentle and effective, they’re safe for all skin types, even sensitive and acne-prone. And, like all staple, must-have beauty products worth their price, this item is a true multitasker and time-saver. #BeautyGoals

Here are five ways to use micellar water on the daily:

1. Use it as a face wash. No water or rinsing required. That’s right, when you’re too tired to remove your makeup at day’s end, just douse micellar water onto a cotton pad and swipe away makeup and dirt, and it’s just as effective as washing with a cleanser and water. Keep a bottle by the bed and never fall asleep with makeup on again.

2. Use it as a makeup remover. The gentle formulations of micellar water make it an optimal choice for removing makeup, especially eye makeup, where tugging at the sensitive eye area can actually cause fine lines and wrinkles. With micellar water, a few swipes and makeup is gone, even waterproof mascara, no tugging or pulling necessary.

3. Use it as a toner. If you’re a fan of the double-cleanse, or if your skin is on the oilier side, cleansing with a cream or gel-based cleanser, then following up with micellar water on a cotton pad is, literally, the deepest – yet most gentle – cleanse you can give your complexion.

4. Use it to freshen up on-the-go. Post-gym workout or office-to-drinks can require a quick face freshening. Micellar water is the perfect choice, considering you don’t need actual water (or a sink or bathroom) to get your complexion clean. Just carry a travel size version of micellar water in your bag, apply at your desk or in the car, and your complexion is as good as new.

5. Use it to clean makeup brushes. Did you know your makeup brushes should be sanitized at least once a week? Think about all of the bacteria build-up on those bristles…it’s like a prime playground for germs! Micellar water is an easy and effective way to wipe off your brushes after each use, making them dirt and bacteria-free.

BTW: there’s a micellar water formulated for every skin type, too. What are you waiting for?

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