5 Tips To Protecting Your Hair In Winter

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By January 28, 2010 7 Comments

5 Tips To Protecting Your Hair In Winter

Amina treatment specialist at the Pierre Michel Salon dishes on 5 tips to keep your hair healthy during the harsh reality of winter.

“The hair is like the skin we need to protect it more in winter especially if you have color of highlights,” says Amina.

1. Pre shampoo treatment – In winter we shed (lose hair), so exfoliate scalp and stop hair loss. Use a pre shampoo treatment for the change of season. Try JF Lazartigue and RepHair by Pierre Michel. These treatments penetrate the hair from the inside, injecting protein back into the hair shaft. Use 1 time a week.

2. Use products to protect hair from the weather. JF Lazartigue protective hair cream protects hair from harsh weather, especially the ends.

3. Stay away from too much heat – try rollers instead of blow drying or blow dry every other day. The heat damages the hair especially if you are not protecting your hair and in winter hair is already so sensitive.

4. Deep condition twice a week as well as the pre shampoo treatment. Try RepHair by Pierre Michel or Kerastase. Deap conditioners treat the cuticles, making hair soft and shiny.

5. Salon visits are key – trim the hair once every 4 weeks to get rid of dead ends and get a color gloss treatment (from a salon) instead of straight color because it is less harsh and still makes hair shiny in bleak weather.

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