5 Tips To Keep Cool In The Heat

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5 Tips To Keep Cool In The Heat

Thank goodness temps are rising! While I LOVE the heat, I don’t necessarily love the way it makes my skin feel. The sun dehydrates and, although you may be hot and sweaty, your body and face are losing moisture.

Here are 5 tips to keep cool while still looking fab:

1 – Carry a water atomizer with you. A great one is Amore Pacific’s Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System. Bamboo sap offers long lasting hydration. It cools you down and rehydrates… score!

2 – Try putting moisturizers in the fridge. There’s nothing like a cool rub down after a hot, sticky day.

3 – Wear your hair away from your neck. Side braids are really in-trend but if the braid is a little too juvenile, a ponytail or bun are always viable options.

4 – Waterproof Mascara is a must! Even if you’re not swimming, the heat can make mascara melt thereby bleeding down your face. I heart CoverGirl Lash Blast Waterproof.

5 – Soak hands and feet in a bath of ice water — literally, add ice (and your favorite summer fragrant oil). If you cool down hands and feet, the rest of the body will follow suit.

BONUS – Wet a washcloth with super cold water (and some ice cubes) and apply a few dots of, again, your favorite summer fragrant oil. Wring out the washcloth and apply to back of neck and face. Try soothing lavender oil or tea tree to clean out pores.

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