5 Skincare Secrets That’ll Save Your Face

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5 Skincare Secrets That’ll Save Your Face

Sometimes, the simplest things are actually the most difficult. For example: our daily skincare routine. Are we even doing it correctly? In what order do we apply serums and creams? Or, do we wash our face with hot or cold water? So many questions — and now, we’re answering the most pressing ones. We’ve come up with our five favorite skincare secrets that’ll save our face. Read on for an enlightened look at how to properly tackle your daily skincare routine.

1. Wash your face with cool water. Never hot! Yes, a hot rinse is comforting, but it’s not ideal for the skin. In fact, hot water opens the pores and allows more dirt inside, leaving you with congested comedones. So if you’re prone to acne — or just uber sensitive – turn that tap to cool. This is actually a good practice for all skin types as a cool rinse helps to get that blood flowing.

2. Apply water-based serums and creams prior to oil-based. So you have a 10-step skincare routine, and many of those steps include serums — but which go on first? The proper way to layer is water-based first, oil-based last. This is because your skin absorbs water while oil has a tendency to sit on the surface, so if you did oil-based then water-based, you wouldn’t be getting the benefits of the water-based product. Hyaluronic Acid serum first, then your oil-based serum, then your cream. Always finish with sunscreen (obviously).

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3. Eye cream is actually a multi-tasking product. Apply around your eyes (duh), but also apply around your lips. The skin in both areas is incredibly sensitive and thin — and prone to fine lines — so use the remaining eye cream and gently tap around your mouth area. Remember to apply eye cream with your rung finger for the lightest, tug-free touch.

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4. Your face wash could be thinning your hairline. True story. If you’ve noticed thinning, it could be because you aren’t adequately rinsing the cleanser from your hairline, thus causing buildup and oil production to increase, which, in turn, can thin the hair. We like to take a cool (!!!) wet washcloth and double rinse the hairline area to make sure all signs of cleanser are gone. Also, be conscious of how far into your forehead you’re applying creams. If you apply them too close to the hairline, they’ll create an oily residue.

5. You can skip the morning face wash — but don’t skip out on actually cleaning the face. If you’re skin is severely dry or irritated, a morning wash isn’t necessary — but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean your face. Instead, opt for a soap and water-free cleanse with a micellar water. Swipe a cotton pad doused with micellar water onto the face to remove last night’s product residue, then continue on with your serums, creams, and SPFs. Or for us combo and oily types, this is a great winter skincare hack when the cold weather is freaking out our faces.

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